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Cynthia Calvert's Sons Of White County, Illinois

Enfield, White County, Illinois
We don't know if the Rev George A Colbert aka Calvert
was ever a minister at this Methodist Church
We do know from records he was a Methodist minister. 
Elberta Ramos's Research for the Rev George A Calvert 

The son's of Cynthia Calvert daughter of George Calvert styled, The Younger of Prince William Co.,Virginia. Alexander Calvert and Rev George A Calvert, their families and migration route from Bedford Co.,Virginia, thence to Smith county Tennessee, thence to Allen county, Kentucky and thence to White county, Illinois. And in the case of Rev George A Calvert born circa 1791, his eventual resting place in Geneseo, Henry county, Illinois (Colbert Cemetery).

We wouldn't know about the existence of Cynthia Calvert if she hadn't sent her son Alexander Calvert to Prince William Co.,Virginia with her Power of Attorney, to find out the status-progress of her father's estate settlement (1804).

Alexander Calvert was born 27 April 1783  in Virginia. We don't know if he was born in Prince William or Bedford county, Virginia, where he was married 24 August 1805 to Nancy Mayhew, the mother of all his children, Alexander Mayhew surety, father of Nancy (Mayhew) Calvert. 

 Karen Carty 
Research for the Son's of Cynthia Calvert
Calvert Genealogy Administrator 
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Cynthia Calvert:

1783    Bedford County, VA (Birth of Child)
1791    Bedford County, VA (Birth of Child)
1804    Bedford County, VA (Power of Attorney)
1820    Smith Co, TN  (Census)

Karen Carty's research for Cynthia Calvert.

She had, at a minimum, 2 sons.  Since they were 8 years apart it's possible there were more children.

Alexander (b. 1783 in Bedford, VA)  27 Apr 1783 m. Nancy Mayhew in Bedford, VA in 1805.  He was on the Muster Rolls during the War of 1812 as a Private from Virginia.  He appeared on the Allen County, KY tax lists from 1815 through 1824.  In 1827 he purchased land in White County, IL (8 December 1827) and appeared on the 1830 Census in White County.  He was the father of 6 sons and 3 daughters.  Alexander died in White County in 1856.

George Augustine (b. 1791 in Bedford, VA) m. Elizabeth Burns and had 2 sons and 2 daughters.  (Elberta's husband descends from this marriage)  When Elizabeth Burns died in 1831 he married Mary Ann Perryman and had 4 sons and 2 daughters.  He was a well known Methodist minister traveling the western circuit in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana for 3 years.  He was on the Allen Co, KY tax list from 1819 to 1823.  In 1823 he sold his land in Allen Co, KY and was on the White County, IL Census in 1830.  In 1835 he joined a group exploring northeastern Illinois and was one of the original settlers in Henry Co, IL.  He pastor-ed the Methodists in Henry County until his death in 1849.

Cynthia was on the 1820 Smith County, TN Census.

1820 Cynthia Colbert.  1 Free White Male under 10 years, 1 White Female 45+, 1 Person engaged in Agriculture, 1 Free Black Male 15-26.

I do not know who she was living with in Tennessee but the 1830 Smith County Census shows:

Colbert, Elijah  1 Male 40-50, 1 Free Black Male 10-24, 1 Free Black Male 24-36, 1 Free Black Female 10-, 4 Total Household.

In 1840 Elijah was no longer in Smith County, nor was there a separate listing for him in 1820.

Have you ever wondered who this Alexander Calvert is? Could this have been
the husband of Cynthia?

Earliest Tennessee Land Records & Earliest Tennessee Land History,

by Irene M Griffey, Clearfield Company, Inc, 2000.
provided by Calvert Genealogy contributor Sherry Klein, 
Joseph Calvert Sr's descent, who migrated 
to White Co.,Ill. from Cumberland Co.,Pa.

 P 127 Calvert, Alexander File 531 Sullivan Co 100 acres, grant 534, 

13 Feb 1791, entry 311, entry date 14 Mar 1780, Bk 73 p 381, 
Beg at said Calverts old corner

 P 135 Cavatt, Alexander File 178 Washington Co 348 acres, grant 46, 23 Oct
 1782, entry 627, entry date 24 Nov 1778, Bk 47, p 21, On Holston River

 Cavatt, Alexander File 1899 Davidson Co 480 acres, grant 133, 27 Apr 1793,
 entry 532, entry date 17 Jul 1784, Bk 81, p 37, On N side of Cumberland

1804 - Prince William County, Virginia
A power of attorney from William Dobson to Elijah Calvert was in open court proved to be the act and deed of the said Dobson by the oaths of JOSEPH THURMAN SR., Alexander Calvert and Francis Calvert, the witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded.
Prince William Co., Virginia, Order Book 1804-1807, page 33  

(Edith Calvert married William O Dobson, they are shown on early Fauquier Co.Va., tax list the geographic area that borders Prince William Co.,Va.)

Book 2, page 397, sept. 24, 1804. Cynthia Calvert of the County of Bedford and State of Virginia to her son, Alexander Calvert of Bedford County, power of attorney "to call upon John Calvert of Prince William County, the administrator of my father, George Calvert, deceased, for a just and full settlement."

1819 Colbert, Alexander 100a Tramel Fk - also Colbert, A. George 82a Tramel Fk.
1820 Calbert, Alexander 100a B. Creek PATENT - also Calbert, A. George 82a Tramel Fk.
1821 Calbert, Alexander 100a Tramel Cr. - also Colbert, George 180a Tramel Cr
1822 Colbert, Alexander 100a Tramel Fk. 2 ch aged 4-14
- also Colbert, A. George 180a Tramel Fk 2 ch aged 4-14
1823 Colbert, Alexander 100a Tramel Cr. - also Colbert, A. George 180a Tramel Cr.

In 1828 Alexander sold his land in Allen County, KY (bordered on Smith County, Tennessee).

Children of Alexander Calvert and Nancy (Mayhew) Calvert:

James G b. 1806 m. Jane Beaven Phipps White Co., 1828 married by Rev G A Colherd, died 1834.

Sally b. 1807 m. Benjamin Lattimore, Gallatin Co.,  1836

John Alexander b. 1809 m. Nancy Low, White Co. 1842

Patsey H b. 1811  residing in home of her father 1850 White Co census

George A b. 1813 m. Manervyan Hargrave, White Co 1834 (my ancestor) Karen Carty

Aaron Mayhew b. 1816 m. Elizabeth McCullough, Guernsey Co., Oh 1852

Amos H b. 1818 m. Mary Osburn, White Co. 1838, Sarah Vinson, Gallatin Co. 1863.

William P b. 1820 m Martha Brannon, Gallatin Co. 1863

Elizabeth b. 1833 m. George Thomas, White Co. 1857

Rev George A Colbert

The first mention found of George A Colbert was in November 1813 when he attended the Tennessee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Sumner County, Tennessee.  He was a Methodist Circuit Rider appointed to the Natchez, Mississippi District.

According to Brent Cloud who summarized the Conference proceedings George A Colbert traveled two years in the western part of the Western Conference before he was ordained deacon.  For his third year he was appointed to the Natchez Circuit for one year before locating.

He would have been 22 years old.

By backdating the inscription on his gravestone, George A Colbert was born 25 April 1791.  He died March 11, 1849, Aged 57 years, 10 months, 16 days.  He is buried in the Calvert Cemetery, Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois.  He was born in Virginia; either Prince William or Bedford County. 

It is generally accepted that he was the son of Cynthia Calvert, and grandson of George Calvert the Younger of Prince William County.  No proof has been found.  O’Gorman believed that Cynthia Calvert had three sons; Alexander, George and Augustine by three different husbands.   I believe that George and Augustine were one, George Augustine.  Cynthia’s proven son, Alexander J Calvert, left a trail through Allen County, KY and White County, IL and was accompanied on those journeys by George A Colbert.

Following service in the War of 1812, Alexander J Calvert (son of Cynthia) moved to Allen County, Kentucky.  He first appeared on the Tax Roll in 1815 with no land.  In 1817, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823 and 1824 he had land on Buck Creek and Tramel Fork in Allen County.

George Colbert was listed as a Taxpayer in Allen County, Kentucky in 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822 and 1823.  He lived on 82 acres, expanded it to 180 acres, on Tramel Fork.  In 1822 he had two children aged 4-14.  In 1823 he sold the land for $450.00 to Jededia Frost and Thomas Mitchell.

In 1825 Alexander Calvert sold his property  in Allen County.  In 1827 Alexander purchased four parcels of land near Shawneetown, White County, Illinois.

In 1826 a son, George Fletcher Colbert was born to Rev George A Colbert in Sangamon County Illinois.

The 1830 US Federal Census shows
George A Colvert in White County, Illinois.  His household included 2 male children, 2 female children, 1 adult male and 1 adult female.
Alexander J Calvert in White County, Illinois.  His household included 8 children and 2 adults.

The obituary of Samantha Ford Colbert, substantiates the identity of Rev George A Colbert of White County and Rev George A Colbert of Henry County as follows. 

Original obituary from the Albany Review (Albany, Illinois) September 22, 1911.
Samantha Ford Colbert was born in Allen County, Tenn. April 15, 1817, and died in Albany, Ill., Sept 13, 1911 at the home of Mrs. Mary Hoobler, her eldest daughter, with whom she had made her home for the past five years, aged 94 years, four months and 28 days.  In her childhood she moved with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. George A. Colbert, to Kentucky and in a few years to Carmi, White County, Ill., later to Knox County, from there to Henry County where she was united in marriage to James P. Dodge Feb. 7, 1836. (Ed. note: Allen County, Tennessee became Allen County, Kentucky after resolution of the "Walker Line" in 1859-1860).

The families of George A Colbert and Alexander Calvert settled together in Allen County, Kentucky then moved together to White County, Illinois.  Alexander’s  sons, Aaron Mayhew and John Alexander Calvert,  followed George A Colbert to Henry County before 1840.

According to family tradition George A Colbert was first married in Kentucky to Elizabeth Ann Burns.  No record has been found of the marriage.  They had four children,

Washington B Colbert b. between 1816-1820, Allen Co, KY
 Samantha Ford Colbert b. 1817, Allen Co, KY
 Elizabeth Ann Colbert b. 1823, Allen Co, KY
George Fletcher Colbert b. 1826, Sangamon Co, IL

On August 15, 1831 after the apparent death of his first wife, George A Colbert married Mary Ann Perryman in White County, Illinois.

They had children
William McKendree Colbert b. 1832 White Co, IL
Martha Jane Colbert b. 1833, IL
John L Colbert b. 1836, IL
Harriet A Colbert b. 1839, IL
Alexander A Colbert b. 1841 Henry Co, IL
James Davenport Colbert b. 1844 Henry Co, IL

In June 1835 George A Colbert joined a small party that left Knoxville for the purpose of exploring the lands of the adjoining and unsettled portions of Illinois. They visited what is now Henry County. The party consisted of Rev. George A. Colbert, Rev. P. K. Hanna, J. P. Hanna, J. B. B. Tabor, Samuel and Neely Withrow.  They followed the Black Hawk trail about 20 miles in a northeasterly direction, camping at what is now known as McHenry's Ditch, in Phoenix Township. They then returned to Knoxville, where they remained about two weeks. Then P.K. and  J. P. Hanna and Robert Land (Land was from Carmi, Ill.) returned to Henry County, camping the first night out at White Oak Grove, on Edwards River. From this grove they traveled north, and reached the banks of Rock River in the month of July, 1835. Here they unhitched their team and went into quarters on section 32, township 18, range 2. In their immediate neighborhood were the Winnebago Indians.  After remaining here in camp a few days and looking around at the country, the party again returned to Knoxville, and after a few days preparation P.K. Hanna, with his family, started for the new home he had selected, arriving at their destination August 13, 1835.  This was the first family to settle in what is now Hanna Township, and the fourth family in the county. 

The first church organization in the Township of Hanna, also the first in the county, was at the house of P. K. Hanna, in the Fall of 1835, where the Methodist Society was organized. Rev. Colin D. James, was the first pastor.  Rev. P. K. Hanna and wife, Geo. A. Colbert and wife, Mrs. Sullivan and two daughters, were among the original members.  Here, February 7, 1836, occurred the first marriage; James P. Dodge and Samantha Colbert, daughter of Rev. G. A. Colbert.

The first election in Henry County was held on June 19, 1837 at the house of George Brandenburg. There were to be elected three County Commissioners, Sheriff, Coroner, Surveyor, and Recorder.
List of Voters.
4th person to vote was Washington B. Colbert
13th person to vote was George A. Colbert

In 1839 Geo Colbert served as Chairman of a committee charged with choosing a new location for the County Seat. 
"It is further resolved at this meeting, by an unanimous vote, that we concur with the majority of legal voters of the county (when they shall be taken) for the re-location of the county seat of said county; and we further disapprove of the minority REMONSTRATING against any location that may be made by the majority"
Signed Saturday, June 1, 1839
GEO TYLER, Secretary

In 1843 and 1844 George A Colbert purchased a total of 236 acres in 4 transactions in Section 25, township 18N, Range 02E in Henry County, Illinois.

He died of unknown causes in Hanna, Illinois on March 11, 1849.  No will, probate record or obituary has been found.

Rev George A Colbert was the father of ten children.

Washington B Colbert b. between 1816-1820, Allen Co, KY
Married Sarah Caroline May in Henry County, lllinois on April 8, 1838.  The 1840 Census enumerated them living in Henry County with 2 male children.  Washington purchased 80 acres of land in Henry County in 1838 and 1839.  He died on March 8, 1845.  His children were William J. Colbert (1839-1865 who was unmarried when killed during the Civil War, and Albert A. Colbert (1842-1921) survived the Civil War and married Lois Allen on August 20, 1866.  They were the parents of two daughters.

 Samantha Ford Colbert b. 1817, Allen Co, KY
Married James P Dodge in Henry County, IL on February 7, 1836.  James P Dodge died before 1843 and Samantha Colbert married twice more, and lived in Illinois until her death in 1911 at the age of 94.

 Elizabeth Ann Colbert b. 1823, Allen Co, KY
Married  James Hickox on September 16, 1839.  They moved to Calhoun County, Iowa and lived to old age.

George Fletcher Colbert b. 1826, Sangamon Co, IL
 In 1850 he was on the Illinois Census in Henry County.  By 1852 he was in Linn County, Oregon.  He married Edna Whipple in November 1853.  They were the parents of 2 sons and 2 daughters;  Luella Sarvilla Colbert (1855-1946), Raymond Pelton Colbert (1856-1930), Viola A Colbert (1858-1888), and George Whipple Colbert (1867-1914).

Raymond Pelton Colbert married Alechia Toohey in November 1889.  In 1900 she appeared on the Census as a married woman, head of household, living on the Tongue River Indian Reservation, Custer, Montana.  In 1910 they were living together in Brandenberg, Rosebud, Montana.  She died in 1910 and then after he was listed as a widower.  He died in 1930 in Miles City, Custer, Montana.  It does not appear they had children.

George Whipple Colbert married Nancy Drucilla Hawk in 1897.  They were the parents of 3 sons, a daughter and 1 unidentified child; Norman Fletcher Colbert (1898-1987), Avis Colbert (d 1969), Raymond Lester Colbert (1908-1989) and George Franklin Colbert (1910-1993) . 
This is the line that Elberta Ramos’  husband descended from.  It is also a line where a potential DNA donor has been found but does not respond to messages or letters. 
William McKendree Colbert b. 1832 White Co, IL
Married Mary Ann Shafer in March 1855.  They were the parents of 3 sons and 3 daughters.  Here is a copy of his obituary.
Death:  May 22, 1911, Mound City, Linn County, Kansas, USA
William McKendre Colbert, one of the older farmers of Linn County, and one of the best known men of the community, died at his home, near Mound City, Monday, May 22, 1911, aged 78 years, 10 months and 28 days.  Mr. Colbert was born in White County, IL, June 24, 1831. On March 1, 1855 he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Ann Shafer. To this union were born 8 children, 2 of whom died in infancy, Ina, wife of Fred Weatherbie, preceeded him in death June 22, 1904. In 1869 he went to Golden, Colo. where he engaged in business until 1876, when he removed to his late home where he continued to reside until his death.  Deceased is survived by his wife and five children-namely: George of Wyoming, Mrs. Dora Campbell of Bartlesville,OK., William of California, Mrs. Amy Shaw of Blue Mound, KS and Edwin who resides at home. Some two or three years ago Mr. Colbert was severely injured in a runaway from which he had never recovered and together with his mature years caused his death. For more than a year he had suffered almost constantly, but was never heard to complain and patiently waited for the final summons. While his death was not unexpected yet when the news came that he had passed from this life it came as a severe shock to his relatives and friends.  Funeral services were held from the family home Tuesday, May 23, conducted by Rev. Cash, pastor of the Christian Church at Blue Mound and interment was made in the family cemetery on his farm which he donated to the community several years ago.  

George A Colbert was born about 1859 in Henry County, Illinois.  He married first, Dina Gobat that they four sons and a daughter; Willard David Colbert b. 1891 in Dubuque, Iowa, Myrtle E Colbert b. abt 1898 in Iowa, Fred Marvin Colbert b. 1903 in Hot Springs, Wyoming, Harold Albert Colbert b. 1905 in Landers, Wyoming, and Howard E Colbert b. abt 1908 in Wyoming.
Before 1911 he married Nattie UNK.  They had two sons and a daughter; Milo M Colbert b. abt 1911 in Wyoming, Floyd Randal Colbert b. 1914 in Wyoming and Lois M Colbert b. abt 1922 in Colorado.
George A Colbert died in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1941.   

William Alexander Colbert was born in July 1864 in Illinois.  He married Liddie A UNK abt 1888. They had sons Donald Cameron Colbert (1890-1979) and Hiawatha A Colbert 1893-1982) in Linn County, Kansas.  Both sons died in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

John Edward Colbert was born in June 1870 in Colorado.  In the 1910 Census he was living with his parents in Linn County, Kansas.  In 1920 he was enumerated as “Divorced” living with his mother in Linn, Kansas.  He died in November 1951 and is buried in the Colbert Cemetery in Linn County, Kansas.  There is no indication he had any children.

Martha Jane Colbert b. 1833, IL
Married Dexter Talcot in July 1853.  Remained in Illinois until her death in 1915.

John L Colbert b. 1836, IL
Served in the Civil War.  Married Roxy Kennedy in December 1859.  They were the parents of 2 sons, Clayton A. Colbert (b 1861), John L. Colbert (b 1870) and a daughter Myra Colbert (b. 1882).  In 1885 the whole family was living in Ogden, Riley County, Kansas.  Except for Myra they are all buried there at the Ogden Cemetery. 

Harriet A Colbert b. 1839, IL
Married William W Ransford in Henry County, Illinois in 1857.  In 1860 she was enumerated as a head of household living next to her parents and brothers.  It’s possible she remarried in 1867.

Alexander A Colbert b. 1841 Henry Co, IL
Served in the Civil War.  Married Alice Santee in November 1869.  They removed to Guthrie County, Iowa between 1870-1880.  They were the parents of 3 sons and 4 daughters;   
 Jannie Elizabeth Colbert (1871-1952, Iowa),
Herbert H. Colbert (1875-1934, Iowa.  Married Princy UNK and had one son, Bernard E. Colbert               (b. 1903).
Quincy M. Colbert (1878-UNK, Iowa),
Charles G. Colbert (1884-1953, Iowa),
Mary Colbert (1888-1888),
Martha Ellen Colbert (1889-1892),
Reah Colbert (1891-1892). 
Research into the families of Herbert H. Colbert, Quincy M. Colbert and Charles G. Colbert is needed.

James Davenport Colbert b. 1844 Henry Co, IL
Married Lucinda Farber in April 1875.  They remained in Henry County, Illinois.  They were the parents of 2 sons and 2 daughters;  Mary Jane Colbert (b. 1876), Ira Colbert (b. 1878), Lizzie Colbert (b. 1880) and Earl Talcott Colbert (b. 1892).  In the 1900 Henry County Census his marital status is Divorced and he is a servant in a private home.  More research is needed.

The Calvert FTDNA surnames project is actively seeking Male DNA participants from the descendants of Cynthia Calvert, and her unknown husband(s) through her son's Alexander Calvert and Rev George A Calvert aka Colbert's descendants. The Calvert FTDNA project can be found here.  The Calvert Genealogy Group on facebook here. 

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Joseph Calvert Of Early Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Click on the Map for a closer view
of the location of Cumberland county
Pennsylvania. (center right lower)

I chose this map not just to show the geographic location of Cumberland county, Pennsylvania in relationship to other Pennsylvania counties, but also surrounding states. Maryland is one county away to the south. Delaware and New Jersey to the South East. 

Continuing our research of Calvert's of White county, Illinois. One of the earliest settler's to this area of Illinois per his Will and land records of his sons was Joseph Calvert Sr. born circa 1747/8, husband of Ann Warner.  Joseph Calvert migrated with his family from Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, thence to Elbert county, Georgia, thence to Giles and Bedford county, Tennessee, thence to Gallatin county, Illinois about 1815. 

From the research of Jim Ray, a Calvert researcher who has since passed away. 

The Will of Joseph Calvert Sr., was made February 1815 when that part of White county was still part of Gallatin county, Illinois. Transcribed Will of Joseph J Calvert 1815, by Sandra Colbert Frohock, Calvert Genealogy administrator.  He names his children, David, John, Robert, Joseph Jr, William, daughters Nancy, Deborah and Margaret Cheatham. Jim mentions the basis for the belief that Joseph Calvert married Ann Warner comes from a deed of land between Joseph Calvert and a Warner of Chester county, Pennsylvania.  1797 Joseph Calvert and wife Ann to John Warner of Chester county, Pennsylvania Deed book, Z page 270. 

In section 8 the earliest settler White county, Illinois was David Calvert, who took up NW 1/4  in 1817. 

The Calvert surname YDNA project has three participants for the Cumberland county, Pennsylvania Calvert's.  Two of our participants trace themselves back to William Calvert born 28 May 1770 died 23 January 1847, buried Newville, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania in St Peter's Upper Frankford, (brick) Cemetery.  William's wife Elizabeth B (Deal) Calvert, born 10 October 1779 died 20 February 1848, is buried in the same cemetery as her husband.  It is possible that this is the William Calvert, mentioned in Joseph Calvert Sr's 1815 Will.  We know their descendant's DNA match 0 at 25 markers.  There is another early Calvert family that lived in the same area and time period we refer to these Calvert's as the Irish Quaker Nordic Calvert's because their YDNA halo type is ( I ) for Nordic.  The Cumberland county, Pennsylvania Calvert's halo type is R1b1 this tells us that the two different Calvert families are unrelated there is no DNA match between the two different Calvert family groups. This is significant because prior to YDNA testing Joseph Calvert has been attributed to the Irish Quaker Calvert's family descent.
I looked up St Peter's Church of Newville, 210 New Brick Road, St Peter's Church is of the Lutheran denomination. This tells us that William Calvert was not of the Quaker faith. 

More from Jim Ray's research into the Cumberland county, Pennsylvania Calvert's, Joseph Calvert's son John Calvert belonged to Big Spring, Presbyterian church in Newton, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania and is a communicant in 1789. When I look up Newville twp., Big Spring is in the same general location. Did the township name Newton change over time to Newville? Irregardless we have established that these Calvert's were not of the Quaker faith, and they don't share the same DNA as the Irish Quaker Calvert's ( I ) Nordic.

For more back ground on Joseph Calvert his family, their migration, and timeline read the compilation of research by Sherry Klein. 

One of our YDNA participant's who descend from William Calvert born 1770 died 1848 in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, family oral tradition states, that they believe that William Calvert was a descendant of Benedict Swingate Calvert of Mount Airy, Maryland.  There are no records to prove this ancestry, but we believe YDNA participants from the Mt Airy Calvert's could prove or disapprove a relationship between the two Calvert men.  

We are actively searching for descendant's of Benedict Swingate Calvert, the progenitor of the Mt Airy, Calvert's to participate in the Calvert surname YDNA project. Benedict Swingate Calvert born 27 January 1722 died 9 January 1788, natural son of Charles Calvert 5th Baron Baltimore, born 29 September 1699 died 24 April 1751.  Benedict Swingate Calvert, married his cousin Elizabeth Calvert daughter of  Governor Charles Calvert, and his wife a wealthy colonial heiress Rebecca Gerard.  Governor Charles Calvert was the natural son of the 3rd Baron Baltimore Charles Calvert.  The Calvert surname YDNA project is in the process of establishing a YDNA database for Sir George Calvert 1st Baron Baltimore born 1579 died 15 April 1632.  Although none of Sir George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore's legitimate descendency exist today, his natural born descendant's through his son Cecil Calvert's descent, the Mt Airy Calvert family still carry the same YDNA as their legitimate kin. This would allow the Calvert surname YDNA project to establish a control YDNA base for Sir George Calvert, and those who match his documented although natural born descendants.

To join or inquire about the Calvert Surname YDNA Project, the group can be found here at FTDNA Calvert Surname Project.  You can also contact the Calvert surname YDNA project administrator,  David Bell at 

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John Alexander Colbert (Calvert) Born 1825 Alabama And His Allied Kin

Marriage Liscense John A Colbert & Elizabeth (Morgan) Sybold, Innman

If you are interested and wish to share information about this Calvert family
please contact:
Shirley Meznarich

John Alexander Colbert's family's research  subject to change, begins in White County, Illinois. John Alexander Colbert married Susan Calvin.  John A Calbert married Susan Calvin, 3 February 1847 White County, Illinois. Illinois Statewide Marriage Index.  This is not the only significant Colbert or Calvin marriage for this time period in White County, Illinois.  Letty Colbert married William Calvin, father of Susan (Calvin) Colbert. Letty was widowed, her children from her first marriage to FNU Colbert are found in William Calvin's household.  Letty Colbert married William Calvin, 2 July 1850 White County, Illinois. Lucinda Colbert married William J Cozart, 9 September 1846, in White County, Illinois. Per census Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart, was born 1827 Alabama. From these marriages and the 1850 White County, census, we know that these Colbert's are living in White County, Illinois by the earliest date (1846) per Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart marriage.

1850 White County, Illinois census John A Colbert is enumerated:

District 13, White County, Illinois

John A Calvin 22 born Alabama
Susan Calvin 22 Kentucky 
Jesse W Calvin 2  Illinois
Thomas Calvin 7/12 Illinois 

1850 White County, Illinios census William Cozart:

William Cozart 24 Illinois
Lucinda Cozart nee (Colbert) 23 Alabama
Charles M Cozart  1 Illinois 

1850 White County, Illinois census William Calvin father of Susan and second husband of Letty Colbert

William Calvin 49 Kentucky
Letta Calvin 45 Tennessee 
Nancy Calvin 19 Kentucky
Sarah Calvin 17 Kentucky
William Calvin 13 Kentucky
John B Calvin 13 Kentucky
Mary M Calvin 10 Kentucky
Luther M Calvin 7 Indiana
William Colbert 20 Tennessee
John Colbert 14 Tennessee
Nancy Colbert 12 Tennessee
Jackson Colbert 8 Tennessee
Martha Colbert 6 Tennessee
Calvin Colbert 4 Tennessee (James Calvin Colbert
Newton Colbert 3 Tennessee

Going by the youngest son's age Newton Colbert we know these Colbert's were living in Tennessee as late as 1847 and that their father was alive as late as 1846 (conception of Newton Colbert). By 1846 Lucinda Colbert was marrying William J Cozart in White county, Illinois. We know that John A Colbert married Susan Calvin (1847) this tells us that William Calvin was already residing in White County, Illinois before Letty and her children moved to White County, Ill., sometime after Newton Colbert's birth (1847). This information demonstrates that these 2 Colbert families were perhaps related they both intermarried with the same Calvin family.  

1840 White County, Illinois census heads of household.with surname Calvert and various spellings Colbert, Colvert, Calbert etc:

Gerret Colbert Eldest male 40-49

George A Collver Eldest male 20-29 Son of Alexander Calvert born 1813 Tennessee

Alexander Collvert Eldest male 50-59 (Son of Cynthia Calvert, Grandson of George Calvert who died 1802 in Prince William County, Virginia) Alexander was living in Bedford Co.,Va., his mother Cynthia Calvert gave him her power of attorney to take to Prince William County, Virginia and find out what the hold up was in her father's estate settlement.

Amos H Collvert Eldest male 20-29  Son of Alexander Calvert born 1818.

1830 White County, Illinois census heads of household with surname Calvert and various spellings Colbert, Colvert, Calbert etc:

Alexed Colvert  Eldest male 40-49 Son of Cynthia Calvert, SEE above.

George A Colvert  Eldest male Eldest male 40-49 Rev George A Colbert, believed to also be a son of Cynthia Calvert.

James Colvert Eldest male 20-29, This is James G Calvert, son of Alexander Calvert and Nancy Mayhew, born 12 June 1806, Bedford County, Virginia, died 10 September 1834 White County, Illinois. (Not in the 1840 White county, Illinois census). 

James's marriage to Jean Beaven Phipps 13 March 1828, White county, Illinois was performed by G A Colherd, who was probably his Uncle the Rev George A Calvert. 

1820 White County, Illinois heads of household with surname Calvert and various spellings Colbert, Colvert, Calbert etc:

David Calvert Eldest male 26-44 Son of Joseph Calvert Sr

John D Calvert Eldest male 16-25  Of Joseph Calvert Sr's family.  

Going by BLM land records the earliest land patent for White County, Illinois for Calvert:

David Calvert 7 June 1824

Joseph Calvert 30 December 1825. This is probably Joseph Calvert Jr., son of Joseph Calvert Sr., who made his Will February 1815 in Gallatin County -that part that became White Co., Illinois. Will probated 1817. 

Alexander Calvert 8 December 1827 migrated from Tennessee son of Cynthia Calvert

James G Calvert 1 November 1830 son of Alexander Calvert

Before we move forward in the life of John Alexander Colbert/Calvert, there is one more interesting marriage in White County, Illinois that may shed light on his family origins. 

Elisabeth L M Colbert married John Allen, 23 July 1843 White County, Illinois. 

Is this Elizabeth L M Colbert an older sister of John Alexander and Lucinda Colbert born Alabama or is this a widow of Gerret Colbert age 40-49 in 1840 census, widowed and remarrying? 

We know that John A Colbert married Susan Calvin (1847) and his sister Lucinda Colbert married William J Cozart (1846) were living in White County, Illiniois before Letty Colbert and her children born as late as 1847 in Tennessee show up in White County, Illinois. Given the intermarriages between the Colbert's and Calvin's, one of Letty's son's is even named Calvin Colbert (James Calvin Colbert). I speculate that Letty was married to John A and Lucinda Colbert's Uncle and brother of their father- who may have been the Gerret Colbert enumerated in the 1840 White County, Illinois census (speculation).

One more possible sibling of John Alexander and Lucinda Colbert born Alabama married White County, Illinois. 

Andrew Jackson Colbert born 1830 Kentucky, married Martha Jane Ireland (1847) Randolph County, Illinois.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1850 Morgan County, Illinois.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1855 Morgan County, Illinois state census a farm away from John A Colbert.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1860 Carroll County, Arkansas. 

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1870 Degonia Jackson County, Illinois.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1880 Ft Worth County, Texas died 1888.

Andrew Jackson and Martha Jane (Ireland) Colbert born 1830 TN had issue:

Apolonia Colbert born 1851/53 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois .

George Thomas Colbert born 1855 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois.

Amanda Jane Colbert born 1858 Carroll County, Arkansas.

William Clellan Colbert born 1864 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

Rebecca Colbert born 1866 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

Nancy N Colbert born  1868 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

James Ellis Colbert born  1872 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

Albert L Colbert born 1874  Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

YDNA test results matches show that John Alexander Colbert is actually of Calvert descent, and he matches the YDNA participants of the current Prince William Co.,Virginia Calvert's - (shorthand for the Calvert's who resided in early Prince William Co.,Virginia) 13 matches at -2 (37) Markers (show's a common ancestor within 4 generations). 6 matches -3 at (37) Markers, 6 matches -4 at (37) Markers. These matches include the surnames Keys and Stinnett's that also match the Prince William County, Virginia YDNA participant's that trace themselves back to the brothers George Calvert 1692 and John Calvert 1694 sons of George Calvert Sr., found in records as early as 1690 Stafford County, Virginia. 

Colbert is not an uncommon deviation for the surname Calvert. I have found the surname spelled this way frequently in census'.

John Alexander Colbert/Calvert was widowed, and he married second Elizabeth Morgan, widow. 
Elizabeth Morgan married 1st Eli Sybold widowed, and 2nd Samuel Innman widowed, Elizabeth married 3 John A Colbert 29 August 1859, Elizabeth Innman in Morgan County, Illinois. They resided Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois. 

1855 Illinois state census John A Colbert Morgan County, Illinois head of household.

1860 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois census enumeration:

John Colbert 35 Alabama
Elizabeth Colbert 30
Jesse Colbert 14 Illinois
James Colbert 4 Illinois son of first wife Susan Calvin* Our YDNA participant's family descent.
Sarah E Innman 8 Illinois 
Rachel Innman 5 Illinois 

1865 Illinois state census John A Colbert Meridosia, Morgan County, head of household.

1870 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois census enumeration:

John Colbert 45 Alabama
Elizabeth Colbert 42 Illinois 
Sarah Colbert 17 Illinois
Rachel Colbert 14 Illinois
James Colbert 13 Illinois son of Susan (Calvin) Colbert
Lucinda Colbert 10 Illinois 
Amanda Colbert 10 Illinois
Charles Colbert 4 Illinois
John Colbert 3 Illinois 
Mailla Colbert 0 Illinois 

1880 Benton, Adair County, Missouri census enuermation:

John Colbert 55 born Alabama
Elizabeth Colbert 50 born Illinois
Charley Colbert 14 Illinois
John Colbert 12 Illinois

Apparently the youngest child Mailla Colbert has died. John Richard Colbert was born 22 July 1866, the Colbert's also had an older half brother from their mother's first marriage Samuel Sybold born 1849 Pike County, Illinois. 

John Alexander Colbert and Susan Calvin's eldest son:

Jesse William Colbert born 1848 in White County, Illinois, married Susannah (Innman) Allen, 1 May 1868, Pike County, Illinois William J Colbert, died (1932) Marion county, Missouri. Susannah married 1st John Allen. The Allen surname again. Note above Elizabeth L M Colbert married John Allen (1843) White County, Illinois.

1900 Benton, Adair County, Missouri enumeration for Elizabeth Colbert.


John J Morgan Aug 1852 ILL
Nancy A Morgan May 1857 MO
Susan J Morgan Nov 1877 MO
Clara O Morgan Feb 1895 MO
Samuel G Wood Feb 1871 OH Boarder
Elizabeth Colbert Aug 1829 ILL Aunt Widowed gave birth to 12 children, 5 living.

Who were the parent's of John Alexander Colbert born 1825 Alabama? We know from DNA test results that he belongs to the Calvert family that settled early Stafford and Prince William County, Virginia. We know that Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart, named her eldest son Charles M Cozart. John and Elizabeth (Morgan) Colbert also named a son Charles M Colbert, and a daughter Lucinda. We know that Elizabeth Morgan was the daughter of William S Morgan and Elizabeth Crowder.

I am leaning toward Gerret Colbert in the 1840 White County, Ill., census age 40-49 so born between (1791-1800) as the possible father of John Alexander and Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart. 

Alexander Calvert's son John A Calvert was born 1809, and Rev George A Colbert/Calvert's son John L Colbert was born 1836 and accounted for. By 1830 Rev George A Colvert and Alexed Colvert are living in White County, Illinois per census. 

Gerret Colbert's family 1840 White County, Illinois census:

1 male 5-10 born ( 1830-1835) Andrew Jackson Colbert born 1830 Ky?

1 male 10-15 born (1825-1830) could this be John Alexander Colbert born 1825 Alabama?

1 male 40-49 born (1790-1800) Gerret Colbert died before 1850 census

2 females under 5 born (1836- 1840) ?

1 female 10- 15 born (1825-1830) Lucinda Colbert born 1827 Alabama married 1846?

1 female 30-40 born (1800-1810) Elizabeth L M Colbert widowed married John Allen 1843? 

Anyone interested in joining the Calvert surname research YDNA project, and the Calvert Genealogy Research Group can find us on Calvert Genealogy Facebook, or FTDNA Calvert surname project. 

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Seeking Related Calverts in the Everett, Logan County, Kentucky, Vicinity

Seeking Related Calvert's in the Everett, Logan Co., KY Vicinity

 Beth Calvert -

12 Nov 2013

The overview for what is presented below is that I am looking for Calverts who lived in the early 1800s near Everett, KY, which might be in Logan, Todd, Lewis, or Harlan counties, KY, and who are not descendants of the Prince William County, VA Calverts.

My oldest known ancestor is Thomas Calvert, who emigrated from Ireland to America toward the close of the 18th century.  He had two known children:  William Calvert, who married Lucy Rogers, and Jane Calvert who married James Hill.  William was born in 1775 and died in 1823.  He had no will, but orphan’s court records for his estate are in Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  He is buried in Banks Cemetery in Bibb Co., AL.  After William died, Lucy married James Moore in 1825 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  James and Lucy Moore moved to Saline Co., AR about 1838, and she died there around 1840.  Jane (Calvert) Hill was born in 1784 and died in 1850 in Bibb Co., AL.  Jane’s husband James Hill was born in 1776 and died in 1842.  They are both buried in Hill-Oldham Cemetery in Bibb Co., AL.

William and Lucy (Rogers) Calvert had the following children:
a. Robert Calvert, who married Mary Keesee.  Robert was born in 1802 near Wartrace, TN and died in 1867 in Robertson Co., TX.
b. Jane Calvert, who married George Hill.  Jane was born in 1804 in TN and died in 1855 in Talladega Co., AL.
c. Mary Calvert, who married Milton Keesee.  Mary was born in 1806 in TN and died in 1867 in Calvert, TX.
d. James Calvert, who married Margaret Ivy.  James was born in 1808 in TN, died in 1878 in Noxubee Co., MS, and buried in Clay Co., MS.  James Calvert is my ancestor.
e. Nancy Calvert, who married Robert Hill.  Nancy was born in 1811 in TN and died in Bibb Co., AL in 1888.
f. William Calvert, who was born about 1818 in AL and lived in Saline and Union Co., AR and TX.
g. Pauline Calvert, who married Samuel Quarles.  Paulina Calvert was born in 1818 in AL and died in 1891 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL.

My ancestor William 1775 Calvert, son of Thomas, is related by yDNA to the Calverts that are written about in Our Calvert Kin by Dewel Lott. The book provides several legends about the Calverts coming to America. One of the legends is: There were 4 brothers that came to America arriving in Tennessee.  One settled on Rock Creek in Walker County, Alabama, one went to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, one went to Everett, Kentucky, and one stayed in Tennessee.

The Calvert brother who went to Rock Creek, Alabama would William Calvert, Sr. The Calvert brother who went to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama is probably Thomas Calvert. Thomas Calvert did not live in Tuscaloosa County, but his children William 1775 Calvert and Jane 1784 Calvert did. The Calvert who stayed in Tennessee is probably Robert Calvert of Sevier County, Tennessee. The Calvert brother who went to Everett, Kentucky is unknown.

I looked for place names in Kentucky that had place names similar to Everett and found three:

1. Everett, KY is in Logan Co, KY near the Todd Co., KY line. Logan and Todd Co., KY are on the TN line. Adjacent TN counties are Robertson and Montgomery, TN.  Butler, Christian, and Muhlenberg counties, TN are nearby counties.

2. Everetts House Post Office in Lewis Co., KY.

3.  Evarts, KY is in Harlan Co., KY on the border with Virginia. Adjacent VA counties are Lee and Wise Co., VA.

I looked at Calverts listed in 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840 censuses in the counties listed above. yDNA has proved that our Calverts are not related to descendants of the Prince William County, VA Calverts. It seems many Calverts listed in Logan, Muhlenberg, and Lewis counties in KY are descendants of Prince William County, VA Calverts.

The Prince William Co., VA descendants, who are not related to us, are:

1. Samuel Colbert is listed in 1820 Logan Co., KY census. His widow Elizabeth is listed in 1830 Logan Co., KY census. Samuel Colbert should be no. 340 in O'Gorman's Descendants of Virginia Calverts (hereafter, O'Gorman's book).

2. George Colvart is listed in 1820 Logan Co., KY census. He should be no. 366 in OGorman’s book.

3. William H. Calvert, Ann W. Calvert, and Basil Calvert are in 1820, 1830, and/or 1840 Lewis Co., KY censuses. Anne W. Calvert should be widow of Landon Calvert, who is no. 118 in O'Gorman’s book. Basil Calvert might be no. 110 or 270. William H. Calvert should be no. 303.

4. Rubin Colbert/Calvert is listed in 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses in Muhlenberg Co., KY. Rubin should be no. 331 in Gorman's book. Ann Calvert, Reubens widow, is in 1840 census in Muhlenberg Co., KY.

5. Bennett G. Calvert is listed in 1820 and 1830 censuses in Muhlenberg Co., KY. Bennett should be no. 329 in O'Gorman's book.

6. Thomas Calvart is in 1840 census in Muhlenberg Co., KY. Thomas, age 20 to 30 in 1840, is probably no. 897 in O’Gorman’s book.

7. W.M. Calvert is in 1840 census in Muhlenberg Co., KY. W.M., age 20 to 30 in 1840, is probably Wesley no. 898 in O’Gorman’s book.

I did not find any other Calverts near Everett, KY that are not descendants of the Prince William Co., VA Calverts. I did find the following names that sound similar to Calvert, such as Colbern, Colburn, Cullerton, Culbertson, Culberson, Colbourne, Culver, Cavett, Cozert, and Cowsar.

8. Henry Colbern/Colburn (b. 1803) is listed in 1830 Logan Co., KY census. He married Sally Simpson and moved to Johnson Co., MO.

9. Peter Colbourne is listed in 1840 census in Todd Co., KY.

10. Samuel Cavett is listed in 1840 census in Montgomery Co., TN.

11. J. H. Culver is in 1840 census in Muhlenberg Co., KY. J.H. is age 20 to 30 in 1840.

12. Joseph Cozart/Cozert is in 1810 census in Christian Co., KY. He went to Gallatin Co., IL.

13. James H. Cowsar is listed in 1830 census in Christian Co., KY.

14. John Culberson/Culbertson is listed in 1820, 1830, and 1840 censuses in Muhlenberg Co., KY.  John is age 80 to 90 in 1840. John Culbertson is son of Alexander Culbertson, who immigrated about 1730 to 1735 from Antrim, Ireland to Chambersburg, PA. Some information on Alexander Culbertson is also in Culbertson and Culberson Families by Lewis R. Culbertson.

15. Le Cullerton is listed 1820 census in Todd Co., KY.

16. Daniel Culbertson is listed in 1830 census in Todd Co., KY. According to Culbertson and Culberson Families by Lewis R. Culbertson, Daniel is brother of James Culbertson of Robertson Co., TN.

17. James Culbertson is listed in 1820 and 1830 censuses in Robertson Co., TN. James B. Culbertson is listed in 1840 census in Robertson Co., TN. According to Culbertson and Culberson Families by Lewis R. Culbertson, James is son of John Culbertson of Rowan Co., NC, who is son of Andrew Culbertson of VA, who is son of Irish Andrew Culbertson of Shippenburg, PA.

18. Thomas Culbertson is listed in 1830 census in Robertson Co., TN. Thomas is probably son of James Culbertson of Robertson co., TN.

19. Jane Culberson is listed in 1820 census in Montgomery Co., TN.

20. Jesse Culberson is listed in 1830 census in Montgomery Co., TN.

We are trying to identify the Calvert brother who is mentioned in the book Our Calvert Kin who went to Everett, KY.   If you have any information on Calverts, or a variation of that surname, who lived in the early 1800s near Everett, KY and are not descendants of the Prince William County, VA Calverts, please email me at:

Beth Calvert

Other contact information:


Website address:

Research Group: Calvert_Genealogy-- you must be a member --


Laree Lee: (Facebook/webpage/Blog/FT-DNA)

David Bell: (Research group/Blog/webpage/FT-DNA)

Sandra Frohock: (research group/FT-DNA & esp MT-DNA)

Karen Carty: (Research group/Ft-DNA)

Connie Calvert: (Facebook)

MaryLynn McCloskey: (Research group )

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Finding the Ancestry of Mortimer Calvert of South Carolina

This is a summary of a query about Henrietta Calvert, orphaned as shown in 1896, Charleston, SC.

Henrietta Calvert, was left at the Charleston Orphan House in 1896, 8 yrs old.  Henrietta is listed in Orphan Records: "Admitted by father Mortimer Calvert, and mothers maiden name Agnes Scott. Lives at 12 Fishburne St. Presbyterian. Delivered to Ann E. Calvert, unknown May 9, 1905."

Great Grandmother Henrietta told family that she had an Auntie, named Anne, but that is about all that our inquiry had on the information for Mortimer.

 Mortimer was found in Census records, b 1841/2, at least we believe this is he in the index of a M. Calvert, age 35, b SC ( c 1815)

1850 SC Census

Calvert hh 585 605
M Calvert 35 m b SC Mason (thus born c 1815) Mortimer? mason?
Jackson Hope? 34 m Clerk
Ann Calvert  34 F b SC =  Ann Naser (Spouse)
Caroline Hope 32 F
John Hope 14 M
John Calvert 12 M
Mortimer Calvert 9 M (this guy is born 1841/2 according to census)
Washington Calvert 2 M

In all of our searches in behalf of this query, we were unable to learn much more. The descendant thought that maybe she was illegitimate and Ann wouldn't take her? Perhaps Agnes Scott never married Mortimer Calvert, Jr, or III either.  Both are possibilities and an illegitimacy would be a reason for Henrietta to be in an orphans home. That would possibly be explained by the given name Ann in the 1850 Census, and perhaps a later child?

Keeping in mind that the above 1850 Census, Charleston SC's census of 1861 (taken due to the
 war of Northern Aggression as they say in the south). We have Mortimer Calvert, no age, but
 single. This is Mortimer age 9 in 1850, mho, and good enough for  tracing Mortimer Jr.

 We did not find either of them in the US Census, of 1860.

 It is possible that there is a plausible Mortimer III and he is the  father of Henrietta, who married Agnes Scott or had a liaison.

Marriage of Mortimer (Sr.) to Ann Naser

It appears that Mortimer Mortimer Sr married 1835 SC marriage Index, Oct 10, 1835, Ann  Naser. Charleston Observer Marriage Notice. We must check local newspapers of the era to see if we can find a marriage record of this date. Or in other repositories or  Newspaper Archives.

Mortimer Sr. was in the 1840 Census SC but this must be a user record and not retrievable at We did spend some time walking page by page through the Census of 1840. This needs further attention and a more concerted effort, looking for surname variations, seeking a younger Mortimer Sr by a different given name b c 1815.

Mortimer Jr., age 9 in the 1850 Census, is found in the US Census 1900 as Mortimer Calbert

Census Microfilm Records: South Carolina, 1900
Lived in: 7 Ward Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, Series: T623, Microfilm:1520, bk1, page 278, Precinct 2:

HH 367 59 79 Calbert, and was born in 1843, so this must be a listing for Mortimer, Jr. And there is a marriage record for this Mortimer, 1834 in SC, marrying Ann Naser. This Census shows his wife to be Anna, two children and border, but no Henrietta.

Moritmer head b Jun 1843 age 56 Carpenter
Anna wife b Apr 1864 age 34 Seamstress
James Son b Jun 1884 age 14 Baggage Factory
Maude dau b Jan 1889 age 10 at School
Ellis, Joseph, Border b Jul 1841 age 58

All members of this family group show b SC and both parents for all born SC, all are literate.
Mortimer owns his own home. Now, This Mortimer seems to be Jr, and his father would have been born, perhaps, 1815, and he would be born in SC according to this Census Entry. There is perhaps another Mortimer, Mortimer III, who would be older than 18 or 20 and on his own, say perhaps born sometime before 1884, and perhaps, in the 1870's.

Other Census Records

US Census 1900 Charleston, South Carolina, Charleston County, Roll 1520 Book 1, Page 313a (Charleston Orphan's House):

Annie E. Calbert, age 42 Born Feb 1858, SC SC SC Matron O House This may be the Annie Herbert listed below.

Henrietta page 313A, listed as Calvert, but indexed as Calbert. Pupil, b Aug 1888 SC SC SC, literate thus she is 12 years old as the  This Census was taken June 2, 1900. Very confusing, this is page 313 for Annie, and 313 A for Henrietta. We examined the Census for Annie E. of various spellings and don't find it but we did find Annie E Herbert in 1900 in the index, right page,  There is an Annie in NC Northampton  Calvert, 1900 b 1870 and is not the correct Annie.  There is an Annie in MS: Census Microfilm Records: Mississippi, 1900 Lived in: Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi
Series: T623 Microfilm: 822 Book: 2 Page: 185, but we do not think this is the correct family 

Phoebie 56 Midwife b SC
Henry L 20 Laborer b SC
Lyrus Landers 53 Boatman b SC
Libby " 40 b SC
John M. 14 at school b SC

Ward 4, South Carolina, CHARLESTON, Roll 1486 Book 1, Page 266a
Eliza Calvert    30 b SC Domestic Servant
Augustus Calvert 28 b SC Drayman

Ward 4, South Carolina, CHARLESTON, Roll 1486 Book 1, Page 275b
William Cuthbert, 26, B Ireland - in HH of Joseph Williams 853/1192,
no employment present.

Mortimer Jr is in the US Census 1900 as Mortimer Calbert
Census Microfilm Records: South Carolina, 1900
Lived in: 7 Ward Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina
Series: T623, Microfilm:1520, bk1, page 278, Precinct 2:
HH 367 59 79 Calbert This guy was b 1843, he must be Mortimer Jr,
marrying Ann Naser. This Census shows his wife to be Anna, two
children and border, but no Henrietta.

Moritmer head b Jun 1843 age 56 Carpenter
Anna wife b Apr 1864 age 34 Seamstress
James Son b Jun 1884 age 14 Baggage Factory
Maude dau b Jan 1889 age 10 at School
Ellis, Joseph, (a Border) b Jul 1841 age 58

US Census 1900 Charleston, South Carolina, Charleston County,
Roll 1520 Book 1, Page 313a (Charleston Orphan's House):

Annie E. Calbert, age 42 Born Feb 1858, SC SC SC Matron O House
This may be Herbert.Ooops, see remarks below on Annie Herbert.
Henrietta page 313A, listed as Calvert, but indexed as Calbert.
Listed as Henrietta Calvert, Pupil, b Aug 1888 SC SC SC 

Henrietta is listed as literate thus she is 12 years old as the Census was taken June 2, 1900. Very confusing, this is page 313 for Annie, and 313 A for Henrietta. We looked in the Census for Annie E.
of various spellings and did not find it; and as noted, we did find Annie E Herbert in 1900 in the index, right page, thus this was a wrong idea, There is an Annie in NC Northampton  Calvert, 1900 b 1870. There is an Annie in MS: Census Microfilm Records: Mississippi, 1900 Lived in: Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi Series: T623 Microfilm: 822 Book: 2 Page: 185.

The census with Henrietta as a pupil in 1900 is the family researcher's Great-Grandmother Henrietta. Her middle name is Modena. She has wondered if they called her Maude, but family  says "No". She has always gone by Henrietta. And family members say that her mother's name was Agnes, not Ann. Orphan House records say that her parents are Mortimer Calvert and Agnes Scott. Henrietta even named one of daughters after her mother, "Agnes".

We do have a 1910 census with Henrietta living with her Aunt Ann Calvert. Orphan records confirm that she was released to her. This Ann never married. She lived with a man and his son. His name was William Adair. Ann Calvert (Mortimer's sister) is with them in 1900 and in 1910. However: But  we cannot find Mortimer or Agnes on a census. Someone in my family found an M. Edward Calvert married to an Agnes C. Scott.

The researcher noted and asked: According to family, Henrietta had an older brother. But now, no one seems to know his name. Is there any way you can help and see if there is a record of an M. Edward Calvert and Agnes C. Scott being married? That may be a clue according to the family member who is researching Mortimer Calvert and her great grandmother.

From the research and family lore, it is thought that a John John is brother of Mortimer and an Uncle also. There is a James also. These two might be the way to trace the family. We need to further research the descendants of these two siblings and see if we find the children of both Mortimer's, or even a 3rd one, walking through Census? Now Henrietta was b 1888.

We are also looking to antecedents
 of Mortimer Calvert C 1815 AND a Possible Mortimer III or a son named such but using a different given name. Mortimer appears to be a common namesake in the family. The family researcher posited that either Mortimer b 1843 had an illegitimate child, or, that Mortimer Jr had son James, Mortimer and others, and this Mortimer, the III, is the father of Henrietta. This may account for the family story of Mortimer m Agnes Scott. (We find no record of such a marriage). So it could be, Mort b 1843 had illegitimate Henrietta, which is why she was orphan resident in 1900.

Antecedents of Mortimer Calvert Circa 1815 of Charleston SC

John Calvert, Machinist on Bull St, Charleston, 1860?

I was looking at John Calvert who was a machinist and Mortimore Calvert was a Bricklayer thing is they have the same address it is 1860 and address is  Bull St?

William Calvert M Mary Steinson 1733

There is a William Calvert who married Mary Steinson 8 Sept 1733 they are supposed to be the parents of John Calvert who married many times and at one point Ann Withers..there is some connection to the Withers family. I see Where a Henry Gray of Charleston Gentleman and Mary Ann Withers of Goose Creek Spinster a minor, William Johnston and John Calvert Trustees.

Rebecca Withers married a Jacinth DeLaval vocation Bricks & Tile Maker..26 June 1786 and John Calvert was a witness... We did not find a marriage of a John Calvert to a Withers. There is a marriage for John Calvert to Mary Clarke 13 Nov 1755. 

There is a marriage of  John Calvert and a Elizabeth Holmes a widow 29 June 1781.

There is a John Calvert head of household in S.C., 1790.

There is a ____Calvert & _____Linthwaite that married 2 Jan 1766.. This ? Calvert has been identified as William by various researchers, and he is said to have been the father of a John Calvert who is said to have had 4 different wives(note the two above).

These probably are the Calvert's that Mortimer Calvert is descending from...a very old Calvert family  of Charleston S.C., It would seem that William Calvert who married Mary Steinson in 1733 is the proginator. 

William Calvert, Emigrant, 1733?

Karen Carty, one of our administrators, contributed the following: 

Baptists in Georgia

 In 1733, one or two Baptists arrived on the boat with James Oglethorpe:
William Calvert, a lay preacher, and his wife, who might have shared his faith. Others soon followed, totaling probably fewer than 140 by 1770. In 1772 the first continuing Baptist church, Kiokee near Appling, was founded; twelve years later the first Baptist association in the state, the Georgia  Association, appeared. As the new century opened, there were about 4,700 Baptists, gathered in 72 churches, with 3 district associations that included 90 percent of the total Baptist population. When the new nation was formed in 1776, about .52 percent of all Georgians were Baptist. In 1800 the figure stood at about 3 percent.

Source: Baptists in Georgia,
1733-2010, ROBERT G. GARDNER

Georgia Settlers, Feb. 1733
There are 115 individual names in 40 families on this list. This list is accurate except where question marks appear.

Calvert, William, 44, Trader in Goods
Calvert, Mary, 42, Wife of William
Greenfield, William, 19, Nephew
Greenfield, Charles, 16, Nephew
Greenfield, Sarah, 16, Niece

The 112 individuals listed below made up the first forty families to arrive in Georgia with General James Oglethorpe. These settlers left England, sailing from Gravesend on the ship Ann, on November 17, 1732. They arrived in Charleston, South Carolina on January 13, 1733 and set sail for Georgia one week later. This list gives the name of each colonist, age upon embarking on the ship Ann, occupation and/or family connection, official position in Georgia, and status 21  
years later. 

Name- Age-Occupation/Family Connection-Official Position in Georgia-Disposition by 1754

Calvert, Mary, 42, Wife of William,  (dead by 1733 )
Calvert, William, 44, Trader in Goods none listed,  No record after 1738.

This William then, was born c 1691 in England.

Source: Georgia Journeys, Being on Account of the Lives of Georgia's Original Settlers and Many Other Early Settlers from the Founding of the Colony in 1732 until the Institution of Royal Government in 1754. By Sarah B. Govern Temple and Kenneth Coleman, The University of Georgia Press, Athens, Georgia 1961, Appendix, pages 254-256.

The niece and nephews  of William (above) were also listed:
Greenfield, Charles, 16, Nephew to William Calvert, n/l, No record after 1738
Greenfield, Sarah, 16, Niece to William Calvert, n/l, Apparently removed to South Carolina
Greenfield, William, 19, Nephew to William Calvert, n/l, No record after 1738.


The first Calvert that I have been able to find in the records of South Carolina was the marriage of William Calvert to Mary Stainson in St. Phillips Episc. Church Charleston in fall of 1733.

This is the only reference to William Calvert I have except in 1771 a William Calvert got a grant in Granville County South Carolina. We believe this William Calvert married 1733 to Mary Stainson was the father of  mJohn Calvert is 1755 married at St. Phillips Church Charleston to Mary Clark, per license Rev. Clark.

There were two other Calvert's mentioned in Charleston that could connect one a Raymond Calvert left Will in Charleston and London in 1767 had publication of his will in Charleston and a  a Joseph Calvert who was in the revolution in SC.

Francis Calvert of the seventh Generation (O'Gorman) removed to SC and had issue. This particular Calvert research is ongoing at Calvert_Genealogy Research Group and is presently also discussed on the facebook page: CalvertGenealogy.

Of particular note is the research on Valentine Calvert and his son Mason, research in the Antecedents of Mason Colbert of TN, b c 1800, whom we have proven to be Calvert via the Calvert Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA. This Mason removed to Alabama and is one of the current research projects. Francis Calvert, who was the son of Jesse had a son Francis (SC) who m  Miss Wardlaw in the early 1800s. They had a daughter Jane Calvert.... 

A John Calvert, .... who prior to, during and after the revolution was quite some character around Charleston and moved 1789 to Columbia where he was one first County Judges and on the first City Commission of Columbia 1787 and died there 1803-4. The first record as I said 
of him in South Carolina was in 1755 and St. Philips Church he married Mary Clark by lic. Rev. Clark. He secondly married Elizabeth Homes, widow of Pat Holmes, and later he fourthly m Hannah Westcott, widow of David Westcott of Columbia. He was a Commissioned Merchant  Brewer- Bookkeeper, etc. In early Charleston and in 1765 met as one of the original 26 “Liberty Tree” boys to pledge further resistance to Great Britain. Commissary General of South Carolina. He was wounded at the Battle of Beauford in 1779 and in 1780 he and two sons were run out of Charleston by the British for failure to take oath of allegiance to them. In 1787 he was on the voting list of Charleston. He was in 1765 in the brewage business as partner with one Egan. His son John Calvert Jr. carried the 4 messages in 1775 from Gov. Rutledge to Gen Moultrie . His will on file 1804 in Richland County SC. He owned large tracts in Charleston, Marion, Pickens County SC and in Richland. He appears to have had no children by his last two wives and some of the minor children of this first two marriages are buried at St. Phillips. He had the following  among whom is: 

John Calvert Jr. B about 1756 married Elizabeth Mortimer of Charleston. He died Georgetown, SC 1795 and she died Charleston 1805. She was aunt to second wife of Jean Lafite. I do not know whether they had issue. Her funeral announced in S.C. Gazette.

This, I believe, is the source of the family using "Mortimer" as a given name.

There is a William Calvert b married Miss Elsenore lived at Beaufort N.F.R. 3.3. Elisabeth Calvert who in 1804 was the Executrix of her fathers will not then married she later married William Taylor nephew of Col. Thos. Taylor of Columbia and first cousin of Go. John Taylor. He was the 5th sheriff of Richland N.F.R.

Source:  THE CALVERT FAMILY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, By Robert B. Paslay, Jr. (from Spartenburg, SC, the author passed away in 1982)

Bottom Line: We are stuck at both ends of the research. From what we know, it very possibly may be that William Calvert, emigrant, is the oldest ancestor of Mortimer.

Addendum: When researching the Rhode Island Calvert's a member of Charleston, SC., Calvert's Thomas H Calvert was found residing in early Providence, Rhode Island 1830 census.  Further research and YDNA participant's for both Calvert family lines will be needed to determine if the two Calvert families were related. We know that the Calvert Rhode Island Calvert's were involved in shipping William Calvert was styled Capt in his daughter's marriage records (Newport RI) and his son John Pinckney Calvert was styled ship pilot. See previous post this blog. Charleston, South Carolina has a deep harbor Port Charleston.  Thomas H Calvert's wife who was born in Rhode Island, Ann Elizabeth Calvert's virtual Find A Grave Marker Charleston, South Carolina. 

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