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Joseph Calvert Of Early Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania. (center right lower)

I chose this map not just to show the geographic location of Cumberland county, Pennsylvania in relationship to other Pennsylvania counties, but also surrounding states. Maryland is one county away to the south. Delaware and New Jersey to the South East. 

Continuing our research of Calvert's of White county, Illinois. One of the earliest settler's to this area of Illinois per his Will and land records of his sons was Joseph Calvert Sr. born circa 1747/8, husband of Ann Warner.  Joseph Calvert migrated with his family from Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, thence to Elbert county, Georgia, thence to Giles and Bedford county, Tennessee, thence to Gallatin county, Illinois about 1815. 

From the research of Jim Ray, a Calvert researcher who has since passed away. 

The Will of Joseph Calvert Sr., was made February 1815 when that part of White county was still part of Gallatin county, Illinois. Transcribed Will of Joseph J Calvert 1815, by Sandra Colbert Frohock, Calvert Genealogy administrator.  He names his children, David, John, Robert, Joseph Jr, William, daughters Nancy, Deborah and Margaret Cheatham. Jim mentions the basis for the belief that Joseph Calvert married Ann Warner comes from a deed of land between Joseph Calvert and a Warner of Chester county, Pennsylvania.  1797 Joseph Calvert and wife Ann to John Warner of Chester county, Pennsylvania Deed book, Z page 270. 

In section 8 the earliest settler White county, Illinois was David Calvert, who took up NW 1/4  in 1817. 

The Calvert surname YDNA project has three participants for the Cumberland county, Pennsylvania Calvert's.  Two of our participants trace themselves back to William Calvert born 28 May 1770 died 23 January 1847, buried Newville, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania in St Peter's Upper Frankford, (brick) Cemetery.  William's wife Elizabeth B (Deal) Calvert, born 10 October 1779 died 20 February 1848, is buried in the same cemetery as her husband.  It is possible that this is the William Calvert, mentioned in Joseph Calvert Sr's 1815 Will.  We know their descendant's DNA match 0 at 25 markers.  There is another early Calvert family that lived in the same area and time period we refer to these Calvert's as the Irish Quaker Nordic Calvert's because their YDNA halo type is ( I ) for Nordic.  The Cumberland county, Pennsylvania Calvert's halo type is R1b1 this tells us that the two different Calvert families are unrelated there is no DNA match between the two different Calvert family groups. This is significant because prior to YDNA testing Joseph Calvert has been attributed to the Irish Quaker Calvert's family descent.
I looked up St Peter's Church of Newville, 210 New Brick Road, St Peter's Church is of the Lutheran denomination. This tells us that William Calvert was not of the Quaker faith. 

More from Jim Ray's research into the Cumberland county, Pennsylvania Calvert's, Joseph Calvert's son John Calvert belonged to Big Spring, Presbyterian church in Newton, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania and is a communicant in 1789. When I look up Newville twp., Big Spring is in the same general location. Did the township name Newton change over time to Newville? Irregardless we have established that these Calvert's were not of the Quaker faith, and they don't share the same DNA as the Irish Quaker Calvert's ( I ) Nordic.

For more back ground on Joseph Calvert his family, their migration, and timeline read the compilation of research by Sherry Klein. 

One of our YDNA participant's who descend from William Calvert born 1770 died 1848 in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, family oral tradition states, that they believe that William Calvert was a descendant of Benedict Swingate Calvert of Mount Airy, Maryland.  There are no records to prove this ancestry, but we believe YDNA participants from the Mt Airy Calvert's could prove or disapprove a relationship between the two Calvert men.  

We are actively searching for descendant's of Benedict Swingate Calvert, the progenitor of the Mt Airy, Calvert's to participate in the Calvert surname YDNA project. Benedict Swingate Calvert born 27 January 1722 died 9 January 1788, natural son of Charles Calvert 5th Baron Baltimore, born 29 September 1699 died 24 April 1751.  Benedict Swingate Calvert, married his cousin Elizabeth Calvert daughter of  Governor Charles Calvert, and his wife a wealthy colonial heiress Rebecca Gerard.  Governor Charles Calvert was the natural son of the 3rd Baron Baltimore Charles Calvert.  The Calvert surname YDNA project is in the process of establishing a YDNA database for Sir George Calvert 1st Baron Baltimore born 1579 died 15 April 1632.  Although none of Sir George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore's legitimate descendency exist today, his natural born descendant's through his son Cecil Calvert's descent, the Mt Airy Calvert family still carry the same YDNA as their legitimate kin. This would allow the Calvert surname YDNA project to establish a control YDNA base for Sir George Calvert, and those who match his documented although natural born descendants.

To join or inquire about the Calvert Surname YDNA Project, the group can be found here at FTDNA Calvert Surname Project.  You can also contact the Calvert surname YDNA project administrator,  David Bell at 

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Joseph Calvert took land in Elbert Co., GA, prior to his move to IL, same time as did a James Colbert:

Title Calvert, Joseph
Last Name Calvert
First Name Joseph
County Elbert
Number of Acres 350
Watercourse Vinyards Creek
Year 1794
Volume CC
Page 136
Record ID 16067
Cite as Georgia Colonial and Headright Plat Index, 1735-1866
Author Abbe, Mary A.
eorgia Colonial and Headright Plat Index, Online Georgia Archive