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A comparable descent of Charles Calvert and George Calvert's descendants Autosomal DNA match.

Note Autosomal DNA match sharing 5 cM (Centimorgans) 
Sharing between 11- 5.6 cM

My 6th Great Grandmother Lydia Calvert (1750-1839) 

Living Porter Mother 6th Great Grandmother Ann Calvert (1692-After 1740) 
Living DNA 7th Great Grandmother Ann Calvert (1692-After 1740)
Living DNA Child 1a,2a, 3a, 8th Great Grandmother Ann Calvert (1692-After 1740)
Ann (Calvert) Porter's husband Thomas Porters Will was admitted to probate 8 April 1740 Stafford County, Virginia Ann was mentioned as one of her husbands executors.

Living Porter Mother autosomal DNA participant is a direct Porter descendant carrying the Porter surname unbroken. 

 I assigned generations based on the Porter autosomal DNA participants first match to Living Porter Mother (control DNA participant) I am the DNA participant for George Calvert the Elder so I assigned generations matching my descent. 

Charles Calvert born about 1661 died 1733 St Mary's county, Maryland, identified son of William Calvert and Elizabeth Stone, married first Mary Howson daughter of Robert and Sarah LNU Howson. Charles Calvert married second Barbara Kirk(e) daughter of Martin Kirk and Maria Van Swearingen sister of Joseph Van Swearingen, 3rd husband of Mary (Neale) Egerton, Adderton, niece of Charles Calvert by his sister Elizabeth (Calvert) Neale.

George Calvert first appears in records in 1688 Stafford county, Virginia records as a witness for Burr Harrison he appears to disappear from records around 1700 when it's believed he has passed away. We can deduce he was of adult age by 1688 appearing in legal records born at least by 1667/8. this George Calvert styled the Elder proven father of George and John Calvert of Stafford county, Virginia. 

Charles Calvert m 8th                    George Calvert m 9th
Mary Howson                                 Unknown

Ann Calvert m 7th                          George Calvert m 8th
Thomas Porter                                 Constant Barton

Nicholas Porter m 6th                    Obediah Calvert Sr m 7th
Mary Brent                                         Mary Gosling

Nicholas B Porter m 5th                 Lydia Calvert m 6th
Nancy Hall                                        Obediah Cooksey Sr

William B Porter m 4th                  Obediah Cooksey Jr m 5th
Mary Jean Lovelace                        Susannah H Simpson 
David H Porter m 3rd                      Simpson Cooksey m 4th
Hannah Spangler                             Mary Fairfax

William H Porter m 2nd                  Alexander F Cooksey m 3rd
Nancy A Smith                                  Louisa M Erwin 

William C Porter m 1st                    James K Cooksey m 2nd
Martha G Abel                                   Lillie Z Hogeboom

Robert H Porter m G                        Lucy Louise Cooksey m 1st
Lillian Phillips                                  George W Day 

Living Porter m Mother                    Edward Henry Day G
Private                                                  Cornelia M McFarland        

Living DNA m                                    Myrtle Beverly Day m Mother
Private                                                  Private

Living DNA child 1a                         Living DNA 
Living DNA child 2a
Living DNA child 3a

Autosomal DNA test results following matches for Charles Calvert and George Calvert's descendants. 

#Kit LIVING *George Calvert  matching  #Kit (1) LIVING Porter Mother *Charles Calvert autosomal DNA results comparison  5 cM (Centimorgans) matching chromosome #21

Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
21 44,238,547 46,909,175 5.6 797
Largest segment = 5.6 cM
Total of segments > 5 cM = 5.6 cM

# Kit LIVING *George Calvert matching #Kit LIVING (2)  *Charles Calvert autosomal DNA results comparison 5 cM (Centimorgans)  matching chromosome #3

Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
3 182,012,889 185,809,179 5.8 785
Largest segment = 5.8 cM
Total of segments > 5 cM = 5.8 cM

# Kit LIVING *George Calvert matching #Kit  (1a child Living)  *Charles Calvert autosomal DNA results comparison 5 cM (Centimorgans) matching chromosomes #3 and #21

Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
3 182,012,889 185,696,810 5.6 760
21 44,182,158 46,909,175 5.7 807
Largest segment = 5.7 cM
Total of segments > 5 cM = 11.3 cM

#Kit LIVING *George Calvert matching #Kit (2a child Living)  *Charles Calvert autosomal DNA results comparison 5 cM (Centimorgans) matching chromosome #21 

Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
21 44,182,158 46,909,175 5.7 808
Largest segment = 5.7 cM
Total of segments > 5 cM = 5.7 cM

#Kit LIVING *George Calvert no match #Kit (3a child Living) *Charles Calvert autosomal DNA results comparison 5 cM (Centimorgans) 

Chromosome #21 appears to be the significant DNA we are sharing but we also share on Chromosome #3 

Oldest known ancestor's virtual graves. 

Nicholas Brent Porter's Virtual Memorial HERE. 

Obediah Cooksey Jr's Virtual Memorial HERE. 

The Calvert Genealogy Group Website HERE, The Calvert Genealogy Facebook Group HERE, The Calvert FTDNA Surname YDNA project HERE. 

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Sarah Burgess of Anne Arundel County, Maryland Wife of Rodham Calvert

This Photo Is From 
The 2005 Movie 
Pride & Prejudice Adapted
From Novel Of Same Title  By
 Jane Austen

The reason I chose this photo for Sarah "Sally" (Burgess) Calvert born circa 1790 Anne Arundel county, Maryland was to show the era Sarah came of age.  Sarah Burgess married Rodham Calvert, 31 March, 1810 Baltimore, Baltimore county, Maryland.  The period of time between 1811- 1830 is known as the Regency Period based on King George III being declared unfit to rule in 1811. His son the Prince Regent George IV Prince of Wales ruled as Regent until his father's death in 1820 when he was coronated King George IV.  King George IV died 10 years later 1830. The Regency Era in England is well known by the novel's of Jane Austen. 

Sarah (Burgess) Calvert's father William Frederick Augustus Burgess, identifies his daughter in his 1833 Anne Aurndel county, Maryland Will. 

William Frederick Augustus Burgess:

"To wife Susan all land, household and kitchen furniture during her life
Confirmation of deeds to son George Burgess and daughter Juliana Burgess, but his wife
was to enjoy the use of the dower rights during her lifetime.
To grandson William Calvert all tools, carpenter, joiner and wheelwright.
Inasmuch as daughter Elizabeth Gill and her husband John Gill, daughter Mary Ann Newton,
and her husband Clemm (Clement) Newton, and daughter Sally Calvert and her husband Rodham Calvert had received their shares, no provisions were made for them. 
Executors, wife Susan and son George."

William Burgess is found in the 1800 Anne Arundel county, Maryland census. William Burgess
Head of Household 1 male under 10 George 1795, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 26-44 William F A Burgess (36), 2 females under 10, Juliana 1793, Mary Ann 1800, 2 females 10-15, Elizabeth 1788, Sarah 1790, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 26-44 "Susan Coale" or first wife of all his children?

William Burgess married Susan Coale 27 October 1800, Baltimore county, Maryland.  William Burgess's 1830 Anne Arundel county, Maryland census list eldest female (60-70) 1760-1770 Susan (Coale)Burgess born circa 1765,  All of William Burgess's children had been born before he married Susan Coale. William Burgess's first wife is unknown. 

Sarah (Burgess) Calvert's ancestry is proven back to the Burgess Immigrant ancestor Col William Burgess born 1622 Wales, died 4 January 1686, All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel county, Maryland.  

Col William Burgess and his 3rd wife Ursula Painter had issue:

Charles Burgess born circa 1682 Anne Arundel county, Maryland, married Elizabeth (Thomas) Hanslap widow of Joseph Hanslap had issue:

Charles Burgess born 1710 Prince Georges county, Maryland married Martha Waring and had issue:

Basil Burgess born 20 December 1741 Queen Anne Parish, Prince Georges county, Maryland married Ann White and had issue:

William Frederick Augustus Burgess born 15 December 1764 Queen Caroline Parish, Howard county, Maryland married 1st Unknown by 1785, and had issue:

Elizabeth Burgess born 1788 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married John Gill

Sarah Burgess born 1790 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married Rodham Calvert

Juliana Burgess born 1793 Anne Arundel county, Maryland 

George Burgess born 1795 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married Elizabeth Earlougher

Mary Ann Burgess born 1800 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married Clement Newton.

Rodham Calvert born circa 1791 Prince William county, Virginia died after 1860 last record 1860 census. Rodham Calvert was the son of Obediah Calvert Sr and his 2nd wife unknown.  Rodham Calvert is identified in his father Obediah Calvert's Sr's probated Will 1805.  I believe that Rodham Calvert who was still underage went to live with his brother Obediah Calvert Jr., who died in 1809 when Rodham Calvert was 18 by 1810 Rodham Calvert has been apprenticed to learn the millwright trade. Rodham Calvert's father Obediah Calvert Sr/ George Calvert & Constance first wife/ George Calvert the Elder first record 1688 Stafford county, Virginia.  

We know by William Burgess's 1833 Anne Arundel Will, and Baltimore, Maryland marriage record that Rodham Calvert married Sarah Burgess by 1810.  Rodham Calvert lived a tumultuous interesting life. His last wife and widow Mary Ann Calvert, applied for his War of 1812 service pension for Maryland. 

We know that  Rodham Calvert was the youngest son of Obediah Calvert Sr., and when  his father died  Rodham was 14 years of age, he was left an orphan. His mother appears to have died before Obediah Calvert Sr's 1805 Prince William county, Virginia probate date.  I believe Rodham went to live with his older half brother Obediah Calvert Jr., who in turn died himself 4 years after their father 1809, when Rodham Calvert was about 17-18 years of age.  We know that Rodham Calvert was a millwright his census' vocation enumeration states he was a Millwright. We know that Rodham Calvert had married to Sarah Burgess by 31 March 1810 a newspaper announcement in the Alexandria Gazette 26 May 1810, for the reward for the return of Rodham Calvert an apprentice to the Millright, business. 

We know that Rodham Calvert served in the War of 1812 from Maryland probably Baltimore by his widow's pension application. 

By 1820 Rodeham Calvert is living in Baltimore, Baltimore county, Maryland head of household, 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-44 (Rodham Calvert)  2 females under 10, 1 females 26-44 (Sarah Burgess). By the 1830 census Rodham Calvert is the head of household in Prince William county, Virginia apparently separated from Sarah Burgess, and remarried to his cousin Mary Ann Calvert born 1806, to William Calvert and Katherine "Katie" Koon/Kuhn.   There are two Sarah Calvert's head of households in the 1830 Prince William county, Virginia census.  One of these Sarah Calvert's is the widow of Reuben Calvert Jr., Sarah Haislip - the other I believe is Sarah (Burgess) Calvert, eldest female 40-49 born 1781-1790.  I can find no record for Sarah (Burgess) Calvert after the date of her father William Burgess's 1833 Will mentioning his daughter Sarah Calvert and her husband Rodham Calvert had already received their share. 

Col William Burgess immigrant ancestor of Sarah (Burgess) Calvert surveyed the property in 1658 that would become Londontown, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Londontown, Archaeological Excavation and Park, Edgewater, Maryland.

Sarah (Burgess) Calvert's brother George Burgess also left a legacy. The Iconic George Burgess home of Ellicott City, Howard county, Maryland. George Burgess married Elizabeth Earlougher 19 February 1817, Baltimore, Maryland. Historic George Burgess's Home was built in 1800 and he purchased the home in the 1840's from Samuel Ellicott. You can read about this historic home HERE.   George Burgess's Will HERE.  George Burgess's Virtual Memorial HERE

The 1850 Ellicott's Mills, Howard County, Maryland census enumerates George Burgess vocation as wheelright.  Did Sarah Burgess meet Rodham Calvert who was being apprenticed in the millright trade through her brother who was being trained in the wheelright trade in Baltimore?  We aren't really sure how Sally met Rhody, but we do know they came of age in the Regency Era. 

Interesting Anne Arundel county, Maryland nexus Charles Burgess married the widow of Joseph Hanslap.  Both Joseph Hanslap and Robert Kirkland possible kin to Richard Kirkland Sr., in the last blog post both mentioned in Abel/Abell Brown's Anne Arundel county,Maryland probate list of debt's HERE.  We know that Richard Kirkland was the father in law of Rodham Calvert's Grandfather George Calvert who married Constance and 2nd Esther (Kirkland) Stone widow of Francis Stone.  The Calvert Genealogy Group Website can be found HERE.  Calvert Genealogy Facebook HERE.  Calvert FTDNA surname project HERE. 

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Esther Kirkland 2nd Wife of George Calvert (1690-1771) Widow of Francis Stone

Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Formed in 1650 by the Maryland General Assembly
In Honor of 2nd Lord Baltimore's Wife
Anne Arundel (1615 -1649)
Please do not re post or copy without 
attribution/citation to this blog post. 

I chose this map to show the location of where Esther Kirkland (born circa 1700 died after 1771) was born and raised.  Where Esther Kirkland was born is established by her father Richard Kirkland's land records, and subsequent probate records. Esther Kirkland herself is identified through her 1st husband Francis Stone's probate, father Richard Kirkland's probate, and her 2nd husband George Calvert (1690-1771) probate.  

Esther's father Richard Kirkland's land holdings are significant in relationship to "Calvert's".  

The first record found for Richard Kirkland is 1694, Anne Arundel county, Maryland. December 1694 Richard Kirkland purchased 200 acres of "Brown's Fancy" from William Brown.  Richard Kirkland is found on a 1696 petition in Anne Arundel county, Maryland. 

20 June 1700 - Patent - Liber C D Folio 311
Grants of 100 acres of "Girles Porcon"  Girls Portion, to Richard Kirkland of Baltimore county, lying between branches of Petuxon river, and Charles Carroll (wife Mary Darnell daughter of Henry Darnell) plantacon - plantation called Dohoregan [Records of Baltimore County, KSBR v1 p 17]

Henry Darnell identified as Guardian of Richard Calvert 4th son of William Calvert died intestate. 

These land records reveal that Richard Kirkland was of adult age in 1694 born by 1672, we know from subsequent land records between Richard Kirkland and his eldest son Edward Kirkland 1714 in Stafford county, Virginia which would mean that Edward Kirkland was of adult age in 1714 so born by 1693 that Richard Kirkland would have been of age to marry in 1692. I have established the estimated age of Richard Kirkland to be 1670/1.  This is important in establishing the age of his daughter Esther Kirkland.  

By the date 1703 Richard Kirkland appears on the tax list of Elk Ridge, Baltimore county, Maryland. Some history of Elk Ridge, which is now located in Howard county, Maryland. Please consult map above to view Howard county's relation to Anne Arundel county, Maryland.  Howard county, Maryland. "Elkridge qualifies as the oldest settlement in it's present  county, when Howard was a part of Anne Arundel county, It's location on the Patapsco river was a key element in it's growth". 

To establish Esther Kirkland's age and place of birth it's necessary to view her husband and children's appearance in Virginia records.  Francis Stone Sr first appears in 1719 records his son Samuel Stone appears in 1739 from these dates we can deduce that Francis Stone was of adult age by 1719 born circa 1695/6 going by his son Samuel Stone's estimated birth date an adult by 1739 born by 1718. Francis Stone born at least by 1696 to be of adult age at marriage to wife Esther by 1717, and subsequent birth of son Samuel Stone by 1718.  From these dates we can estimate Esther's age a common age for women marrying in this time period was 16-18 this would place Esther's birth date between 1699-1701.  Esther Kirkland married 2nd George Calvert, and had one child Reuben Calvert Sr., established through the Calvert YDNA project study. Reuben Calvert born circa 1741, means Esther Kirkland would have been at the end of her child bearing years 41 or 42 years of age. It is possible Esther Kirkland was 16 at marriage that would make her 40 years of age at the birth of her son Reuben Calvert Sr.  Having established an estimate birth date for Esther Kirkland, we can establish she was born in that area of Anne Arundel county, Maryland that became Baltimore county, and eventually Howard county, Maryland. Again please refer to the above Maryland county map for reference.  

The importance of Richard Kirkland's property "Girl's Portion". 1688 Henry Darnell patented 1,776 acres of "Girl's Portion" Baltimore county, Maryland, that became Montgomery county, Maryland. This is significant because at the death of William Calvert (1642- 1681) son of Governor Leonard Calvert, Henry Darnell was made the guardian of his minor son Richard Calvert* who died in the fall of 1718 at the home of William Young, per deposition of Joshua Doyne Jr .  1708, Richard Kirkland sold his 100 acres of "Girl's Portion.  1711 Henry Darnell, Wills 925 acres of Girl's Portion to his son in law Charles Carroll, Grandfather of Charles Carroll - Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

How did Esther Kirkland of Anne Arundel county, Maryland meet and marry her husbands Francis Stone born circa 1696, and George Calvert born circa 1690 Stafford county, Virginia?

These records including photo copies of originals are published on the Kirkland Family Website for the Richard Kirkland family. Richard and family moved from Maryland to Virginia between 1712-1714 to Stafford county, Virginia where Esther Kirkland would marry and be widowed twice. 

On 23 November 1714, in Truro Parish, Stafford County, Richard Kirkland received a Patent for 351 acres on the South side of Blackwater Swamp, "adjoing his old land where on he now lives." 4 5. 

After 24 November 1714, in Truro Parish, Stafford County, a Gift Deed was given by Richard Kirkland planter of Truro Parish gives to Edward Kirkland his son 100 acres situated on North side of Occaquan River, being part of a 268 acre tract granted to said Richard by patent 23 November 1714.

Esther first appears in the record of her husband Francis Stone's probate. 

1743-1744 Prince William County, Virginia Will Book C
pages 239-40. Bond of Esther Stone, Edward Barry, and William Kirkland unto Denis McCarty, 
Gent., justice. For 100 pounds.
26 May 1740 
Ester (X) Stone
Edward Barry
William (X) Kirkland

Page 302. Supplemental inventory of the estate of Francis Stone, deceased.
Total valuation 10.6 pounds
Easter (X) Colvert Signed the inventory
George Reeve
John Reeve 
William (W) Bland

27 April 1741, Esther Colvert returned this additional inventory and it was OR (ordered)

Pages 383-84 Francis Stone estate {account}
25 October 1742 Presented in Court by Esther Colvert. Allowances and adm. to record. 

This establishes that Esther Kirkland was married to Francis Stone and widowed by 1740 and remarried by 1741.

Richard Kirkland's Will 

Richard Kirkland died in Fairfax County, Virginia leaving a Will dated 17 November 1742 proved 19 May 1743, in which he mentions his wife Mary, his sons Robert and John Fairfax and "All my sons and daughters." His wife Mary, and George "Callburd" or "Calbert" as it was else where spelled, were executors. In Prince William County, Virginia, 26 May 1740 Bond for Ester Stone, Administratix for the Estate of Francis Stone.

In the name of God Amen. I RICHARD KIRKLAND of the County of Fairfax being weak of body sound of mind ___ and remembrance praised be God for the same doth make ordaine & appoint this to be my Last will & Testament revoking and disolving all former wills & testaments formerly made by me & ordaining this to be my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following as first I giveth and bequeath my sole into the hands of Almighty God my heavenly father, hoping that through the martrus death and passion of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savor for our free pardon & forgiveness of all my Sins & to obtane a joyfull resurrection at the last day & as for my body to be buried at the discretion of my Exect hereafter nomanated.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son RICHARD Kirkland all my right title & claims which I have to a track of Land Containing two hundred acres of Land being known by the name of Browns Survey & lying & being in Baltimore County.

Item, I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife MARY the plantation on which I now live & all the Land belonging thereunto during the term of her natural life & after her deses to my Son Robert Kirkland & his heirs for Ever, my Son ROBERT Kirkland paying my Son JOHN Kirkland ten pounds current money of Virginia.
Then all my moveable estate I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Mary during the term of her natural life & after her decease to be Equally Divided amongst all my Sons & Daughters.

Item, I appoint my well beloved wife Mary and George Collbard to be my Execrs. of this my Last Will & Testament.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & seal this Seventeenth day of November 1742.

Richard (his mark) Kirkland

Signed Sealed & delivered
in presence of us:
Thomas Smith
Francis Stone* Grandson from daughter Esther (Kirkland) Stone, Calvert
and my desire is that my Estate Should not be appraised.

Esther Kirkland was married to Francis Stone by 1717, going by the date of her eldest son Samuel Stone Sr 1718, first showing up in records 1739 of age by this date. I do not believe that Esther Kirkland to be born earlier than 1699 and still of child bearing age at the birth of her son Reuben Calvert Sr., born circa 1741, he named a son Richard Kirkland Calvert born 1765 in Prince William County, Virginia.   

Francis Stone and Esther Kirkland had issue:

Samuel Stone born circa 1718 Stafford County, Virginia.
Thomas Stone born circa 1720 put up bond for George Calvert's estate 2 December 1771
Francis Stone born circa 1721 Stafford County, Virginia of age to witness his grandfather's Will.

George Calvert and 2nd wife Esther (Kirkland) Stone had issue:

Reuben Calvert Sr born 1741 died 1777 Revolutionary War. First appeared in Prince William County, Virginia records 1762 of legal age of 21 born estimated 1741 proven through YDNA to match George Calvert's other sons from first wife Constance (1690- died by 1740).

Last record of Esther Kirkland in records was for her late husband George Calvert's estate.

1732-1847 Prince William County, Virginia Bond Book
December 2nd 1771 (2-97)
Know all Men by these Presents, that we Obediah Calvert, Thomas Stone, Ester Calvert Foushee Tebbs and Thomas Blackburn are held and firmly bound to Henry Lee, Howson Hooe, William Carr, and Henry Peyton Gent. Justices of the Court of Prince William County, now sitting, in the sum of five hundred pounds current money.

Obediah Calvert Sr., eldest son of George Calvert (1690-1771) and first wife Constance.

Summary of Esther (Kirkland) Stone, Calvert. 

What does Esther Kirkland's family and ancestry tell us about her relationship with the Calvert families? Did Richard Kirkland know the Calvert's prior to his move to Stafford County, Virginia, through the property a 100 acres of "Girl's Portion" that was originally patented by Henry Darnell in (1688) guardian of Richard Calvert (1670-1718)?  We know that Richard Kirkland was a man of property by the listing of his many properties in Maryland, and subsequently in Virginia. Esther Kirkland came from a family of means. Her husband Francis Stone was a land owner as well as her 2nd husband George Calvert.  I have a speculative line of descent for Francis Stone Sr (1696-1740) going by this record of Thomas Stone and Thomas Stone records HERE, his would be Uncle, through his brother John Stone born circa 1675, that would place Francis Stone, as a son of John Stone and Unknown/ John Stone and Elizabeth Warren / Governor William Stone and Verlinda Graves. John Stone who married Elizabeth Warren, would be the brother of Elizabeth Stone who married William Calvert, parents of Richard Calvert ward of Henry Darnell. Did the widowed George Calvert marry his speculative cousin Francis Stone's widow?  We know from Charles Calvert eldest son of William Calvert and Elizabeth Stone, that Richard Calvert was the 4th son of William Calvert that leaves 2 more sons in between Charles and Richard Calvert, who had all had died but Charles Calvert by the date 1718, when Charles Calvert styled himself the only heir of his brother Richard Calvert. The Calvert Genealogy Group Website HERE, Calvert Genealogy Facebook HERE, Calvert FTDNA surname project HERE, serving all surnames and variations HERE.  

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The Calvert Wives of Anne Arundel County, Maryland

wife of 
Cecil Calvert 2nd Lord Baltimore
Born circa 1615 Died 23 July 1649
Married Cecil Calvert in 1628
When Anne was only 13 years old

This blog post is about the wives of Calvert men that hailed from Anne Arundel county, Maryland. George Calvert born circa (1690-1771) of Stafford and Prince William County, Virginia married first Constance, and second Esther (Kirkland) Stone, widow of Francis Stone, and daughter of Richard Kirkland of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. This George Calvert established son of George Calvert the Elder, who first appeared in Stafford county, Virginia records.  George Calvert (1690-1771) grandson Rodham Calvert birth 1791, son of Obediah Calvert Sr, and unknown second wife. Rodham Calvert born Prince William county, Virginia married Sally Burgess, who was also born Anne Arundel county, Maryland.  

We are presently researching the Prince William County Virginia Calvert families connections to people who lived in Anne Arundel county, Maryland over multiple decades.  With the emphasis on the wives of these Calvert men.  Our goal is to uncover the origins of George Calvert who first appeared in Stafford County, Virginia records as early as 19 February 1688. Contributed by Calvert Genealogy Group member Richard Tobin. 

Ruth and Sam Sparacio Deed and Will Abstracts of Stafford county, Virginia 1689-1693, (Arlington, Virginia, Antient Press, 1989) page 47.

"p. 184a Att a Court held for ye County of Stafford att ye House of THOMAS ELLSEY
March the 11th 1690

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I RICHARD NIXON of Stafford County in consideracon of a Debt of Two thousand five hundred poundes of Tobacco bona fide due unto said BURR HARRISON therefore & forasmuch I doe this 19th day of February 1688 sell unto BURR HARRISON one black Cow wth a star in her forehead two peeces beinge taken out off ye lower side of each ear together wth their future increase. Wittness my hand & Seale this Nineteenth day of February 1688 

This date helps us establish a time line for the first Calvert in Stafford county, Virginia, and an estimated age for George Calvert the Elder.  George Calvert would have been an adult to be witnessing a transaction.  We can deduce that George Calvert was born at least by 1667/8 time period to be of legal age 21.  We are researching the wives of the Calvert men who descended from George Calvert to find George Calvert's origins parents and place of birth.  There are no ship records for a transportation for George Calvert, during this time period, and no one received head rights for transporting a George Calvert into Virginia. George Calvert was born in colonial America. We don't know where, but the Calvert's of Prince William County, Virginia, did marry women who were from Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  We will explore these particular wive's ancestry, and allied families.  With the goal of showing earlier contact in Maryland between their families and the Calvert ancestor's of the descendants of George Calvert the Elder of Stafford County, Virginia. 

Next blog post to explore the ancestry of Esther (Kirkland) Stone.  Esther Kirkland daughter of Richard Kirkland born All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel county, Maryland died by 19 May 1743 Truro parish, Fairfax county, Virginia (Probate).

Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties, by Mike Marshall.

Richard Kirkland died in Fairfax  County, Virginia leaving a Will dated 17 November 1742 proved 19 May 1743, in which he mentions his wife Mary, his sons Robert and John Fairfax, and "All my sons and daughters" His wife Mary and George "Callburd or "Calbert" as it was elsewhere spelled were executors.  In Prince William county, Virginia 26 May 1740, Bond for Ester Stone Administraxtix for the Estate of Francis Stone.

How did George Calvert (1690-1771) become acquainted with his second wife Esther (Kirkland) Stone, who appears to have been born Anne Arundel county Maryland? We will explore Esther's ancestry, her first husband Francis Stone, and family next blog post.