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The Life & Times Of John M Calvert And His Descendants

Sidney W Calvert (1835- 1905) 
Burial, Walton County, Georgia
Grandson of John M Calvert
Photo Credit Pat Calvert 

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John M Calvert, created a Will 27 June 1842 in Jasper County, Georgia. John M Calvert's Will was probated 12 January 1849, in Jasper County, Georgia. Transcribed Will of John M Calvert HERE. John M Calvert, mentions wife Sarah Calvert, son James R Calvert and unnamed grandchildren - grandsons and grand daughters (Plural) and this is important when establishing the children of John M Calvert's son James Richard(s) Calvert. When searching for James R Calvert in the Georgia census, and marriage records, his name alternated between James R Calvert and Richard Calvert/Colbert. 

I first found James R Calvert mentioned in his father John M Calvert's 1842 Will, and living next door to his father in the 1840 Jasper County, Georgia census. 

1840 US Census Jasper Co GA Dist 293
John M Calvert 00000001000000000001

James R Calvert 01001000000003001

James R Calvert married 1st Cecile Catherine Claramond unknown date and unknown place. They had issue:

Sidney W Calvert born January 1835 Jasper County, Georgia died 1905 Walton County, Georgia of the headstone above. Married Sarah McWaters 18 December 1853 in Newton County, Georgia.

Ellafair Calvert born 24 September 1836 married Jesse M Wilborn/Welborn 3 September 1854 in Newton county, Georgia.

Louisa Catherine Calvert born 4 May 1840 married Jonathan Wilborn/Welborn in 3 February 1859 Newton County, Georgia.

We don't find these Calvert's in the 1850 census any variant spelling.

The next sighting of James R Calvert is a marriage to Emeline Mitchell 28 September 1856 Newton County, Georgia. Apparently he was widowed and remarried. Note he married in the same marriage county (Newton) as Sidney W, Lousia Catherine and Ellafair Calvert. 

I found James R and Emeline (Mitchell) Calvert, in the 1860 Atlanta, Fulton county Georgia census enumerated
Richard Colbert age 49 (1811) born Virginia
Emeline Colbert age 42 born N.C.
James Colbert age 19 born Georgia circa 1841
John Colbert age 16 born Georgia circa 1844

John M Calvert mentions his grandsons and granddaughters when he wrote his 1842 Will. I believe these two children are from James Richard(s) Calvert's first marriage to Cecile Catherine Claramond. James R Calvert didn't marry Emeline Mitchell until 1856 these two sons are too old to be from his second marriage. These 5 children of James Richard(s) Calvert, comprises the grandchildren mentioned in John M Calvert's 1842 Jasper County, Georgia Will. 

The next time I find James R Calvert is in the 1880 Henry County, Georgia census, he is enumerated Richard Calvert age 70 (1810) born Georgia, wife Emeline Calvert age 55 born South Carolina born (1825).  Richard Calvert list his father's birth place as Maryland, and mother's birth place South Carolina.

In the 1860 Newton county, Georgia census, are found Sidney W Calvert, head of household. J D Welborn with wife Louisa C in his household.  J.M. Wellborn and E C "Ellafair" his wife in his household. 

By 1880 Walton county Georgia census Sidney W Calvert, and family are living in Broken Bow,  Walton county, Georgia. Sidney W Calvert, enumerated born Georgia father born Virginia, and mother born Georgia. Walton county Georgia is where Sidney W Calvert died and is buried. 

John M Calvert migrated to Georgia around the 1823 time period. This is when John M Calvert can be first found in Georgia land records. In April of 1823 John M Calvert bought land from George Alexander. John M Calvert was on the list of 1827 Jasper County, Georgia Land Lottery. 

John Calvert is enumerated on the 1830 Jasper County, census (40-50) years of age, born 1780-1790. We have established his son James Richards Calvert was born circa 1810 in Virginia, and he enumerated his father born Maryland in his 1880 Henry County, Georgia census. There is some evidence that James R Calvert also participated in the Civil War, but more research is necessary to establish his military service.

With this information, I looked at Maryland records in attempt to locate John M Calvert born no earlier than 1780 in Maryland. I found four interesting records. 

1. John W Colbert single (16-26) residing in Frederick County, Maryland 1800 census

2. John Colvert variant spelling, married Mary Richards 1809 Frederick County, Maryland

3. J Calvert was living Frederick County, Maryland 1810  census. 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 26-45, living next door to G Richards and M  Richards.

4. John M Calvert variant spelling, enlisted Maryland,
    in Hawkins Regiment War of 1812

It is entirely possible that John M Calvert married twice, and that his first wife was Mary Richards, mother of his son James Richard(s) Calvert, and second Sarah LNU his widow. John M Calvert appears to have only one child who grew to majority, and had issue himself. 

We have a descendant of Sidney W Calvert, that is participating in the Calvert FTDNA surname project. Sidney W Calvert's YDNA participant is matching the Prince William County, Virginia Calvert YDNA participants. These Calvert's descend from George Calvert the Elder, who first appeared in Stafford county,Virginia circa 1690. Two of his sons George and John Calvert who also resided in Prince William County, Virginia, participant's match Sidney W Calvert's participant.

At 25 markers -1 15 matches to the Calvert surname, 1  Covert, 1  Keys.  -2  8 matches Calvert surname.

At 37 markers -3 11 matches to the surname Calvert, 1 Covert, 1 Keys. 3 matches -4 Calvert surname.

1 match (Covert) Oldest known ancestor *Robert Covert born 1790- death 1877 Brown County, Ohio. This Robert Covert can be found in the 1870 Brown County, Ohio census. (researching this Robert Calvert may lead to break through in the before mentioned John M Calvert ancestry)

The YDNA marker distance from the Prince William County, Virginia Calvert's YDNA participants, show's that John M Calvert's descendants share a common ancestor as closes as -3 at 37 markers. The common ancestor may be further back in the Calvert family's ancestry, perhaps an older connection-generation than George Calvert the Elder, who resided 1690's in Stafford county, Virginia.

The Calvert FTDNA surname project is actively seeking YDNA participants male's carrying the surname Calvert and spelling variant's.  We can be found here on Facebook Calvert Genealogy Group. We can be found here at our Calvert Genealogy Webpage. We can be located here at the Calvert FTDNA surname project. 

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The Mt Airy Calvert's of Prince George's County, Maryland & Madame Surratt

Mary E Surratt
The Mt Airy Calvert's 
The impact of the U.S. Civil War

Madame Surratt, has the sad distinction of being the first woman hung by the U.S. federal Government - for her participation in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. It's possible that she was used as a proxy by the government for her son John Surratt to satisfy the public "howl" after Lincoln's assassination. 

There has even been a movie made about the trial of Mary E Surratt. The title of the movie "The Conspirator" released in 2010 and was directed by Robert Redford, it starred Robin Wright as Mary E Surratt, and James McAvoy as her defense lawyer Union Army Capt Frederick Aitken. You can read a review of the movie, The Conspirator HERE.

George Henry Calvert Jr., was called to testify in the trial of Mary E Surratt by Captain Aitken.

Contributed by Calvert researcher, and administrator Sandra Frohock.  In order to determine and identify exactly which George H Calvert was involved in the testimony, it was necessary to narrow down the possibilities. We know that the letter to Madame Surratt was being sent by George H Calvert Jr.

A letter dated April 12, 1865 from George H Calvert Jr., to Mrs M E Surratt, stated he was a resident of Bladensburg, Prince George's county MD., and had Riversdale under the date. The letter was in regard to her paying the remaining balance due on the land purchased by her late husband, contributed by Connie Calvert, Calvert genealogy researcher and administrator of Calvert Genealogy facebook group. Source: the above mentioned letter was included in the book "The Death of Lincoln: The Story of Booths's Plot, His Deed and the Penalty". 

The census for 1860 narrowed the possibilities down to three George Calvert's living in Prince George's county, Maryland. George Calvert born 1798 son of Edward Henry Calvert, son of George Calvert and Rosalie Stier. George H Calvert born 1841 son of Charles Benedict Calvert, and George Calvert born 1850. Given that the date of the letter is 1865 we discounted the youngest George Calvert born 1850 he would be only 15 years old, and under age in 1865. Further research by Connie Calvert, reveals that George H Calvert Jr was writing to Mrs M.E. Surratt because he was trying to settle his father Charles B Calvert's estate.

George Henry Calvert Jr was born 29 November 1841 son of Charles Benedict Calvert and Charlotte Augusta Norris. Charles Benedict Calvert son of George Calvert and Rosalie Eugenia Stier. George Calvert son of Benedict Swingate Calvert and Elizabeth Calvert progenitors of the Mt Airy Calvert's. 

But this isn't the only property of the Mt Airy Calvert's that was impacted by the Civil War.

The history of Arlington Cemetery, How Arlington Cemetery came to be, by Robert M Poole, Smithsonian magazine. 

The history of Arlington property is fascinating.  If the Union Army thought it was punishing Robert E Lee, by turning his property into a Civil War burying ground, they missed their mark. Who they really impacted were the descendants of Benedict Swingate Calvert and his grandson George Washington Custis, step grandson of President George A Washington, he was raised by George and Martha Washington after his father John Parke Custis death. Benedict Swingate Calvert's daughter Eleanor "Nelly" Calvert married John Parke Custis, and it was their son George Washington Custis that purchased "Arlington." 

There are many different Calvert families who are woven deeply into the fabric of the United States of America. The above are just a couple of examples. From the founding of the Maryland Palatinate. The Maryland signer's of the Declaration of Independence - Thomas Stone is traced back to Governor William Stone of Maryland, who's daughter Elizabeth Stone married William Calvert. The friendship between President George A Washington and Benedict Swingate Calvert. And all the many Calvert's who fought in our nation's wars, including both sides of the Civil War. There are many Calvert's buried at Arlington National Cemetery you can search for them HERE on Find A Grave's database for Arlington National Cemetery.  All gave some, some gave all. 

The Calvert Genealogy Group, can be found here Calvert Family Genealogy on Facebook, and FTDNA The Calvert Surname Project, various spellings. Our main website can be found here, Calvert Genealogy on rootsweb. Our Calvert Genealogy Group has ongoing recruitment for YDNA participants for Calvert surname and all spelling deviations.