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John Alexander Colbert (Calvert) Born 1825 Alabama And His Allied Kin

Marriage Liscense John A Colbert & Elizabeth (Morgan) Sybold, Innman

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John Alexander Colbert's family's research  subject to change, begins in White County, Illinois. John Alexander Colbert married Susan Calvin.  John A Calbert married Susan Calvin, 3 February 1847 White County, Illinois. Illinois Statewide Marriage Index.  This is not the only significant Colbert or Calvin marriage for this time period in White County, Illinois.  Letty Colbert married William Calvin, father of Susan (Calvin) Colbert. Letty was widowed, her children from her first marriage to FNU Colbert are found in William Calvin's household.  Letty Colbert married William Calvin, 2 July 1850 White County, Illinois. Lucinda Colbert married William J Cozart, 9 September 1846, in White County, Illinois. Per census Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart, was born 1827 Alabama. From these marriages and the 1850 White County, census, we know that these Colbert's are living in White County, Illinois by the earliest date (1846) per Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart marriage.

1850 White County, Illinois census John A Colbert is enumerated:

District 13, White County, Illinois

John A Calvin 22 born Alabama
Susan Calvin 22 Kentucky 
Jesse W Calvin 2  Illinois
Thomas Calvin 7/12 Illinois 

1850 White County, Illinios census William Cozart:

William Cozart 24 Illinois
Lucinda Cozart nee (Colbert) 23 Alabama
Charles M Cozart  1 Illinois 

1850 White County, Illinois census William Calvin father of Susan and second husband of Letty Colbert

William Calvin 49 Kentucky
Letta Calvin 45 Tennessee 
Nancy Calvin 19 Kentucky
Sarah Calvin 17 Kentucky
William Calvin 13 Kentucky
John B Calvin 13 Kentucky
Mary M Calvin 10 Kentucky
Luther M Calvin 7 Indiana
William Colbert 20 Tennessee
John Colbert 14 Tennessee
Nancy Colbert 12 Tennessee
Jackson Colbert 8 Tennessee
Martha Colbert 6 Tennessee
Calvin Colbert 4 Tennessee (James Calvin Colbert
Newton Colbert 3 Tennessee

Going by the youngest son's age Newton Colbert we know these Colbert's were living in Tennessee as late as 1847 and that their father was alive as late as 1846 (conception of Newton Colbert). By 1846 Lucinda Colbert was marrying William J Cozart in White county, Illinois. We know that John A Colbert married Susan Calvin (1847) this tells us that William Calvin was already residing in White County, Illinois before Letty and her children moved to White County, Ill., sometime after Newton Colbert's birth (1847). This information demonstrates that these 2 Colbert families were perhaps related they both intermarried with the same Calvin family.  

1840 White County, Illinois census heads of household.with surname Calvert and various spellings Colbert, Colvert, Calbert etc:

Gerret Colbert Eldest male 40-49

George A Collver Eldest male 20-29 Son of Alexander Calvert born 1813 Tennessee

Alexander Collvert Eldest male 50-59 (Son of Cynthia Calvert, Grandson of George Calvert who died 1802 in Prince William County, Virginia) Alexander was living in Bedford Co.,Va., his mother Cynthia Calvert gave him her power of attorney to take to Prince William County, Virginia and find out what the hold up was in her father's estate settlement.

Amos H Collvert Eldest male 20-29  Son of Alexander Calvert born 1818.

1830 White County, Illinois census heads of household with surname Calvert and various spellings Colbert, Colvert, Calbert etc:

Alexed Colvert  Eldest male 40-49 Son of Cynthia Calvert, SEE above.

George A Colvert  Eldest male Eldest male 40-49 Rev George A Colbert, believed to also be a son of Cynthia Calvert.

James Colvert Eldest male 20-29, This is James G Calvert, son of Alexander Calvert and Nancy Mayhew, born 12 June 1806, Bedford County, Virginia, died 10 September 1834 White County, Illinois. (Not in the 1840 White county, Illinois census). 

James's marriage to Jean Beaven Phipps 13 March 1828, White county, Illinois was performed by G A Colherd, who was probably his Uncle the Rev George A Calvert. 

1820 White County, Illinois heads of household with surname Calvert and various spellings Colbert, Colvert, Calbert etc:

David Calvert Eldest male 26-44 Son of Joseph Calvert Sr

John D Calvert Eldest male 16-25  Of Joseph Calvert Sr's family.  

Going by BLM land records the earliest land patent for White County, Illinois for Calvert:

David Calvert 7 June 1824

Joseph Calvert 30 December 1825. This is probably Joseph Calvert Jr., son of Joseph Calvert Sr., who made his Will February 1815 in Gallatin County -that part that became White Co., Illinois. Will probated 1817. 

Alexander Calvert 8 December 1827 migrated from Tennessee son of Cynthia Calvert

James G Calvert 1 November 1830 son of Alexander Calvert

Before we move forward in the life of John Alexander Colbert/Calvert, there is one more interesting marriage in White County, Illinois that may shed light on his family origins. 

Elisabeth L M Colbert married John Allen, 23 July 1843 White County, Illinois. 

Is this Elizabeth L M Colbert an older sister of John Alexander and Lucinda Colbert born Alabama or is this a widow of Gerret Colbert age 40-49 in 1840 census, widowed and remarrying? 

We know that John A Colbert married Susan Calvin (1847) and his sister Lucinda Colbert married William J Cozart (1846) were living in White County, Illiniois before Letty Colbert and her children born as late as 1847 in Tennessee show up in White County, Illinois. Given the intermarriages between the Colbert's and Calvin's, one of Letty's son's is even named Calvin Colbert (James Calvin Colbert). I speculate that Letty was married to John A and Lucinda Colbert's Uncle and brother of their father- who may have been the Gerret Colbert enumerated in the 1840 White County, Illinois census (speculation).

One more possible sibling of John Alexander and Lucinda Colbert born Alabama married White County, Illinois. 

Andrew Jackson Colbert born 1830 Kentucky, married Martha Jane Ireland (1847) Randolph County, Illinois.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1850 Morgan County, Illinois.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1855 Morgan County, Illinois state census a farm away from John A Colbert.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1860 Carroll County, Arkansas. 

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1870 Degonia Jackson County, Illinois.

Andrew Jackson Colbert living 1880 Ft Worth County, Texas died 1888.

Andrew Jackson and Martha Jane (Ireland) Colbert born 1830 TN had issue:

Apolonia Colbert born 1851/53 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois .

George Thomas Colbert born 1855 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois.

Amanda Jane Colbert born 1858 Carroll County, Arkansas.

William Clellan Colbert born 1864 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

Rebecca Colbert born 1866 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

Nancy N Colbert born  1868 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

James Ellis Colbert born  1872 Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

Albert L Colbert born 1874  Degonia, Jackson County, Illinois.

YDNA test results matches show that John Alexander Colbert is actually of Calvert descent, and he matches the YDNA participants of the current Prince William Co.,Virginia Calvert's - (shorthand for the Calvert's who resided in early Prince William Co.,Virginia) 13 matches at -2 (37) Markers (show's a common ancestor within 4 generations). 6 matches -3 at (37) Markers, 6 matches -4 at (37) Markers. These matches include the surnames Keys and Stinnett's that also match the Prince William County, Virginia YDNA participant's that trace themselves back to the brothers George Calvert 1692 and John Calvert 1694 sons of George Calvert Sr., found in records as early as 1690 Stafford County, Virginia. 

Colbert is not an uncommon deviation for the surname Calvert. I have found the surname spelled this way frequently in census'.

John Alexander Colbert/Calvert was widowed, and he married second Elizabeth Morgan, widow. 
Elizabeth Morgan married 1st Eli Sybold widowed, and 2nd Samuel Innman widowed, Elizabeth married 3 John A Colbert 29 August 1859, Elizabeth Innman in Morgan County, Illinois. They resided Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois. 

1855 Illinois state census John A Colbert Morgan County, Illinois head of household.

1860 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois census enumeration:

John Colbert 35 Alabama
Elizabeth Colbert 30
Jesse Colbert 14 Illinois
James Colbert 4 Illinois son of first wife Susan Calvin* Our YDNA participant's family descent.
Sarah E Innman 8 Illinois 
Rachel Innman 5 Illinois 

1865 Illinois state census John A Colbert Meridosia, Morgan County, head of household.

1870 Meridosia, Morgan County, Illinois census enumeration:

John Colbert 45 Alabama
Elizabeth Colbert 42 Illinois 
Sarah Colbert 17 Illinois
Rachel Colbert 14 Illinois
James Colbert 13 Illinois son of Susan (Calvin) Colbert
Lucinda Colbert 10 Illinois 
Amanda Colbert 10 Illinois
Charles Colbert 4 Illinois
John Colbert 3 Illinois 
Mailla Colbert 0 Illinois 

1880 Benton, Adair County, Missouri census enuermation:

John Colbert 55 born Alabama
Elizabeth Colbert 50 born Illinois
Charley Colbert 14 Illinois
John Colbert 12 Illinois

Apparently the youngest child Mailla Colbert has died. John Richard Colbert was born 22 July 1866, the Colbert's also had an older half brother from their mother's first marriage Samuel Sybold born 1849 Pike County, Illinois. 

John Alexander Colbert and Susan Calvin's eldest son:

Jesse William Colbert born 1848 in White County, Illinois, married Susannah (Innman) Allen, 1 May 1868, Pike County, Illinois William J Colbert, died (1932) Marion county, Missouri. Susannah married 1st John Allen. The Allen surname again. Note above Elizabeth L M Colbert married John Allen (1843) White County, Illinois.

1900 Benton, Adair County, Missouri enumeration for Elizabeth Colbert.


John J Morgan Aug 1852 ILL
Nancy A Morgan May 1857 MO
Susan J Morgan Nov 1877 MO
Clara O Morgan Feb 1895 MO
Samuel G Wood Feb 1871 OH Boarder
Elizabeth Colbert Aug 1829 ILL Aunt Widowed gave birth to 12 children, 5 living.

Who were the parent's of John Alexander Colbert born 1825 Alabama? We know from DNA test results that he belongs to the Calvert family that settled early Stafford and Prince William County, Virginia. We know that Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart, named her eldest son Charles M Cozart. John and Elizabeth (Morgan) Colbert also named a son Charles M Colbert, and a daughter Lucinda. We know that Elizabeth Morgan was the daughter of William S Morgan and Elizabeth Crowder.

I am leaning toward Gerret Colbert in the 1840 White County, Ill., census age 40-49 so born between (1791-1800) as the possible father of John Alexander and Lucinda (Colbert) Cozart. 

Alexander Calvert's son John A Calvert was born 1809, and Rev George A Colbert/Calvert's son John L Colbert was born 1836 and accounted for. By 1830 Rev George A Colvert and Alexed Colvert are living in White County, Illinois per census. 

Gerret Colbert's family 1840 White County, Illinois census:

1 male 5-10 born ( 1830-1835) Andrew Jackson Colbert born 1830 Ky?

1 male 10-15 born (1825-1830) could this be John Alexander Colbert born 1825 Alabama?

1 male 40-49 born (1790-1800) Gerret Colbert died before 1850 census

2 females under 5 born (1836- 1840) ?

1 female 10- 15 born (1825-1830) Lucinda Colbert born 1827 Alabama married 1846?

1 female 30-40 born (1800-1810) Elizabeth L M Colbert widowed married John Allen 1843? 

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