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Sarah Burgess of Anne Arundel County, Maryland Wife of Rodham Calvert

This Photo Is From 
The 2005 Movie 
Pride & Prejudice Adapted
From Novel Of Same Title  By
 Jane Austen

The reason I chose this photo for Sarah "Sally" (Burgess) Calvert born circa 1790 Anne Arundel county, Maryland was to show the era Sarah came of age.  Sarah Burgess married Rodham Calvert, 31 March, 1810 Baltimore, Baltimore county, Maryland.  The period of time between 1811- 1830 is known as the Regency Period based on King George III being declared unfit to rule in 1811. His son the Prince Regent George IV Prince of Wales ruled as Regent until his father's death in 1820 when he was coronated King George IV.  King George IV died 10 years later 1830. The Regency Era in England is well known by the novel's of Jane Austen. 

Sarah (Burgess) Calvert's father William Frederick Augustus Burgess, identifies his daughter in his 1833 Anne Aurndel county, Maryland Will. 

William Frederick Augustus Burgess:

"To wife Susan all land, household and kitchen furniture during her life
Confirmation of deeds to son George Burgess and daughter Juliana Burgess, but his wife
was to enjoy the use of the dower rights during her lifetime.
To grandson William Calvert all tools, carpenter, joiner and wheelwright.
Inasmuch as daughter Elizabeth Gill and her husband John Gill, daughter Mary Ann Newton,
and her husband Clemm (Clement) Newton, and daughter Sally Calvert and her husband Rodham Calvert had received their shares, no provisions were made for them. 
Executors, wife Susan and son George."

William Burgess is found in the 1800 Anne Arundel county, Maryland census. William Burgess
Head of Household 1 male under 10 George 1795, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 26-44 William F A Burgess (36), 2 females under 10, Juliana 1793, Mary Ann 1800, 2 females 10-15, Elizabeth 1788, Sarah 1790, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 26-44 "Susan Coale" or first wife of all his children?

William Burgess married Susan Coale 27 October 1800, Baltimore county, Maryland.  William Burgess's 1830 Anne Arundel county, Maryland census list eldest female (60-70) 1760-1770 Susan (Coale)Burgess born circa 1765,  All of William Burgess's children had been born before he married Susan Coale. William Burgess's first wife is unknown. 

Sarah (Burgess) Calvert's ancestry is proven back to the Burgess Immigrant ancestor Col William Burgess born 1622 Wales, died 4 January 1686, All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel county, Maryland.  

Col William Burgess and his 3rd wife Ursula Painter had issue:

Charles Burgess born circa 1682 Anne Arundel county, Maryland, married Elizabeth (Thomas) Hanslap widow of Joseph Hanslap had issue:

Charles Burgess born 1710 Prince Georges county, Maryland married Martha Waring and had issue:

Basil Burgess born 20 December 1741 Queen Anne Parish, Prince Georges county, Maryland married Ann White and had issue:

William Frederick Augustus Burgess born 15 December 1764 Queen Caroline Parish, Howard county, Maryland married 1st Unknown by 1785, and had issue:

Elizabeth Burgess born 1788 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married John Gill

Sarah Burgess born 1790 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married Rodham Calvert

Juliana Burgess born 1793 Anne Arundel county, Maryland 

George Burgess born 1795 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married Elizabeth Earlougher

Mary Ann Burgess born 1800 Anne Arundel county, Maryland married Clement Newton.

Rodham Calvert born circa 1791 Prince William county, Virginia died after 1860 last record 1860 census. Rodham Calvert was the son of Obediah Calvert Sr and his 2nd wife unknown.  Rodham Calvert is identified in his father Obediah Calvert's Sr's probated Will 1805.  I believe that Rodham Calvert who was still underage went to live with his brother Obediah Calvert Jr., who died in 1809 when Rodham Calvert was 18 by 1810 Rodham Calvert has been apprenticed to learn the millwright trade. Rodham Calvert's father Obediah Calvert Sr/ George Calvert & Constance first wife/ George Calvert the Elder first record 1688 Stafford county, Virginia.  

We know by William Burgess's 1833 Anne Arundel Will, and Baltimore, Maryland marriage record that Rodham Calvert married Sarah Burgess by 1810.  Rodham Calvert lived a tumultuous interesting life. His last wife and widow Mary Ann Calvert, applied for his War of 1812 service pension for Maryland. 

We know that  Rodham Calvert was the youngest son of Obediah Calvert Sr., and when  his father died  Rodham was 14 years of age, he was left an orphan. His mother appears to have died before Obediah Calvert Sr's 1805 Prince William county, Virginia probate date.  I believe Rodham went to live with his older half brother Obediah Calvert Jr., who in turn died himself 4 years after their father 1809, when Rodham Calvert was about 17-18 years of age.  We know that Rodham Calvert was a millwright his census' vocation enumeration states he was a Millwright. We know that Rodham Calvert had married to Sarah Burgess by 31 March 1810 a newspaper announcement in the Alexandria Gazette 26 May 1810, for the reward for the return of Rodham Calvert an apprentice to the Millright, business. 

We know that Rodham Calvert served in the War of 1812 from Maryland probably Baltimore by his widow's pension application. 

By 1820 Rodeham Calvert is living in Baltimore, Baltimore county, Maryland head of household, 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-44 (Rodham Calvert)  2 females under 10, 1 females 26-44 (Sarah Burgess). By the 1830 census Rodham Calvert is the head of household in Prince William county, Virginia apparently separated from Sarah Burgess, and remarried to his cousin Mary Ann Calvert born 1806, to William Calvert and Katherine "Katie" Koon/Kuhn.   There are two Sarah Calvert's head of households in the 1830 Prince William county, Virginia census.  One of these Sarah Calvert's is the widow of Reuben Calvert Jr., Sarah Haislip - the other I believe is Sarah (Burgess) Calvert, eldest female 40-49 born 1781-1790.  I can find no record for Sarah (Burgess) Calvert after the date of her father William Burgess's 1833 Will mentioning his daughter Sarah Calvert and her husband Rodham Calvert had already received their share. 

Col William Burgess immigrant ancestor of Sarah (Burgess) Calvert surveyed the property in 1658 that would become Londontown, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Londontown, Archaeological Excavation and Park, Edgewater, Maryland.

Sarah (Burgess) Calvert's brother George Burgess also left a legacy. The Iconic George Burgess home of Ellicott City, Howard county, Maryland. George Burgess married Elizabeth Earlougher 19 February 1817, Baltimore, Maryland. Historic George Burgess's Home was built in 1800 and he purchased the home in the 1840's from Samuel Ellicott. You can read about this historic home HERE.   George Burgess's Will HERE.  George Burgess's Virtual Memorial HERE

The 1850 Ellicott's Mills, Howard County, Maryland census enumerates George Burgess vocation as wheelright.  Did Sarah Burgess meet Rodham Calvert who was being apprenticed in the millright trade through her brother who was being trained in the wheelright trade in Baltimore?  We aren't really sure how Sally met Rhody, but we do know they came of age in the Regency Era. 

Interesting Anne Arundel county, Maryland nexus Charles Burgess married the widow of Joseph Hanslap.  Both Joseph Hanslap and Robert Kirkland possible kin to Richard Kirkland Sr., in the last blog post both mentioned in Abel/Abell Brown's Anne Arundel county,Maryland probate list of debt's HERE.  We know that Richard Kirkland was the father in law of Rodham Calvert's Grandfather George Calvert who married Constance and 2nd Esther (Kirkland) Stone widow of Francis Stone.  The Calvert Genealogy Group Website can be found HERE.  Calvert Genealogy Facebook HERE.  Calvert FTDNA surname project HERE. 

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