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My Calvert Ancestry - Neabsco Creek, Prince William County Virginia

Above Old Map Of Northern Neck Of Virginia, the second tributary from the top yellow highlighted "Occoquan" the next would be Neabsco Creek, in Prince William Co.,Virginia. More about Neabsco Creek Prince William County, Virginia, scroll down HERE "Early Colonial Virginia"

"Neabsco Creek was the site of a fort built in 1679 and the site of the burial of Rose Peters in 1690. Iron mining began here as early as 1734. Remains of a colonial furnace, foundry, and mill have been discovered. The Neabsco Iron Foundry was located near Leesylvania and served to equip the Commonwealth's militia during the Revolution.
In 1608 Captain Smith found the "King's House" of the Dog Indians in present Prince William County. In 1729, "King" T.M.Carter built a landing on that spot to ship copper ore and a town of Colchester was established there in 1753. Early land patents were received by Thomas Burbage who obtained 3,000 acres between the Occoquan and Neabsco Creek known as Burbage's Neck. The land later passed to Martin Scarlet who died in 1695, a pioneer settler and member of Burgess. George Mason II gained 534 acres of Occoquan River frontage including a ferry landing and the site of the first Prince William Courthouse"Keep Reading HERE

Obediah Calvert Sr., was born circa 1719, in Prince William Co.,Va. Obediah Calvert Sr. married Mary, last name unknown, when she died, he married second unknown, but her children are mentioned in his 1806 Prince William County Virginia Will. The Calvert Family Bible now resides in the National Archives. From William And Mary Quarterly, pages 419,420 - An Index of Calverts (1664-1799) by John Bailey Calvert Nicklin.

Obed Calvert was granted 212 acres near land of George Calvert on Neabsco Creek, Prince William Co.,Virginia 1772.

Obed Calvert was an executor of the Will of George Calvert, Prince William Co.,Va. "This Will is now missing"

Obed Calvert charged with 100 acres, "62 acres of George Calvert" and "New deed 212 acres" on the rent roll Prince William Co.,Va., 1773.

Obed Calvert Sr., son of George (died 1771) born about 1720 Prince William Co.,Va. He died there 1806.

Obed Calvert, witness, 1749, Prince William Co.,Virginia

Obed Calvert, charged with 100 acres on the rent roll, Prince William Co.,Va., 1751, 1752, 1753, and 1754

Obed Calvert and John Calvert, patrollers, Prince William Co.,Virginia, 1756

Obed Calvert of Dittingen Parish, Prince William Co.,Va., 1760

Obed Calvert charged with a 100 acres on the rent roll, Prince William Co.,Va. 1762. (N.B. Obed Cornwell Baptist, Fauquier Co.,Va.)

Obed Calvert charged with a 100 acres on the rent roll, Prince William Co.,Va. 1767.

Obed Calvert signed the administration bond of Esther Calvert widow of George Calvert (died 1771) of Prince William Co.,Va., 1771.

Obed Calvert Sr., signed the petition with the Baptist, Prince William Co.,Va., 1776.

Obed Calvert, charged with 100 acres, "62 acres of George Calvert" and 212 acres of which 53 to Obediah Calvert Jr., Prince William Co.,Va. 1777.

Obed Calvert was paid for pasturage during the late war, Prince William Co.,Va.,1783.

Obed Calvert signed the petition at Dumfries, Prince William Co.,Va. 1788.

Obediah Calvert appeared on Payne's ledger, Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia, 1758- 1761.


Obediah Calvert Sr., was the son of George Calvert, born circa 1694, and Constant Barton. Constant Barton daughter of Edward Barton, and Anne Green. When Constant Barton died, George Calvert married 2nd the widow of Francis Stone. Esther (Kirkland) Stone, she was the daughter of Capt Richard Kirkland, and Mary, of Fairfax Co.,Va. George Calvert died 1771. It is believed that Obediah Calvert was his eldest son.George Calvert and Constant Barton had issue:

Obediah Calvert Sr., born about 1719 married Mary LNU, married 2nd Unknown.
George Calvert styled the Younger, married Sythia Elizabeth, possibly nee Harrison.

John Calvert, married Susannah, 2nd Elizabeth, died 1788.

William Calvert, married Hannah, possibly nee Harrison, he died in Mason Co.,Ky.
Humphrey Calvert, married Catherine LNU.

Obediah Calvert Sr. and Mary LNU had issue:

Jesse Calvert Sr., married Mary "Mollica"Brown 2nd Susannah possibly nee Cooksey.
Obediah Calvert Jr., married Catherine LNU speculation Smith
George Calvert, Rev War Vet, who married Priscilla King, daughter of Hargiss and Winifred LNU King of Fairfax Co.,Va.
Constant "Connie" Calvert, married James Peake
Lydia Calvert, born 1750 married 1st Obediah Cooksey Sr., married 2nd George Mills Rev War Vet, of Fairfax Co.,Va.
Margaret Calvert, married John Mills of Prince William Co.,Va.

By second wife unknown, Obediah Calvert Sr., had issue:

Samuel Calvert of age at the time of his father's Will 1806.
Elizabeth "Betsy" Calvert married John Carter.
John Calvert married Catherine Lynn, moved to Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania.
Rodham Calvert born 1790 and residing with his older brother Obediah Calvert Jr., (1806-1810) Obediah Calvert Jr., died in 1810 in Prince William Co.,Va. Rodham Calvert married 1st Sarah "Sally" Burgess, in Baltimore, Maryland, he married his cousin Mary Ann Calvert, daughter of Humphrey and Catherine LNU Calvert. We have not sorted out all of Rodham Calvert's marriages, there may be up to 4 marriages. We do have many of his descendants as members of our Calvert Family Genealogy Research and Calvert DNA project.

I descend from Lydia Calvert, through her first marriage to Obediah Cooksey Sr., their son Obediah Cooksey Jr. was born circa 1776 and married Susannah H Simpson, before 1801, the daughter of John Simpson, and Caty Ford of Fairfax, Co.,Va., they died in Pennsville, Morgan County, Ohio, and are buried in Pennsville Cemetery.

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