Reverend George Edward Calvert's Family Oral History

The Holy Bible [“Ancestry/Family Record (page between the Old and New Testaments} of Robert Calvert, my father, dated 1922.  Quite obviously he copied it from a Bible of an earlier generation, and then in subsequent years {“Later:”} added additional information.
I will add in italics my comments
George E Calvert, Andes NY

Ggggf William Calvert, b ? 2/29/1754
Said to have been the youngest son of Lord Baltimore [Frederick, IV] to have been disinherited upon joining the Revolutionary Army and then to have turned Protestant.  (An old Bible show Wm, b. 1754, young son of Frederick. F’s will recorded in Prince George Co., Md.
Later: “Found in British Museum [London]. Wm married 1785-6”

Gggf Leonard Calvert, b ?                       5/23/1787
“In War of 1812 at Battle of New Orleans”
m. Mary Bowman, b. 4/24/1784
d. 1/14/1852   [In Missouri]

Ggf Nodding Calvert, b. Tenn. 9/5/1819
“Settled on gov’t land 2 miles south of Rocheport (Cooper Co.) Mo.” In Mo. State Militia in Civil War.
m. Gabrella Skidmore, 6/14/1846
d. 1/14/1863
Son Peyton, a youth, died in the Army of dysentery. Civil War.
Son George went to “California” to hunt for gold. (Oral history)
Another source says a George Calvert died in Colorado in mining area in 1875

Gf William Samuel Calvert, (farmer, pioneer, educator)
 b. Carrollton, Mo. 8/27/1858
m. March 8, 1877
d. 11/12/1945. Buried in Fairlawn Cem, Oklahoma City
Gm                Martha Ann Newkirk, b. Mch 8, 1853,
d. 12/22/1922, buried at OKLA City Fairlawn Cem.
Daughter of
Christopher C. Newkirk, b. abt 1816 d.3/12/1854 (last two                                                    numbers  indistinct]
And Martha J. Newkirk, b. 9/17/1819, d. 1/24/1893
“Family moved from Mo. to Judsonia Ark, 1894, and by covered wagon to Oklahoma in 1896. Settled on farm at Barnes Station, 4 miles south of Mulhall. W.S. Calvert taught Fairview School at $30. per month; later he was Co. Supt, then Principal of Guthrie HS.”

Their children were:
Sara Elizabeth Calvert, b. Mo, 5/1/1880,  A school teacher.
d. 9/21/1904 in childbirth, giving birth to twins.

George Ernest Calvert, b. Mo., 8/31/1883 twin
m. Maude Richmond Calvert,
d. Okla. City, 5/24/1959
Ann Calvert (McCullough)
Betty Lou Calvert (Williams)
Maude Calvert
Ethel May Calvert (Martin), b. Mo., 8/31/1883 -twin
Teacher, Democratic State Leader, d. 8/7/1988  age 104
m. George Martin
Alice Pearle Calvert (Marker), b. MO 11/1/1885
M. Jerry Marker , d. 1969
 one daughter Martha Ann

William Benjamin Calvert, b. 6/15/1887, d. Mo, 9/26/1887
Gertrude Calvert, b. Ark., 8/4/1895
m. Herbert D. Canfield  b. Aug 28, 1889
William   b.5/24/1920  Professor
Dorothy, b. 8/28/25 } twins
m. Richard Story,
Richard David Story
Donald Craig Story
Donald  b. 8/28/1925  } twin d. Jan, 2004
Son                       Donald Calvert Canfield
F. Robert Peyton Calvert, b. Milford, Mo. 3/15/1889
Chemist, patent Attorney, author
B.A. Okla.; M.S. Chicago; PhD, Columbia
d. Scarsdale, NY, 6/26/1969
M. m. Mary Power Siggers, 3/6/1922
 b.Washinigton DC, 6/3/1898
Army Nurse, homemaker
d. Her home, Scarsdale NY, 5/10/1988
Robert Calvert, Jr., b. Santa Barbara CA
Educator, Author, WWI I Veteran
Residing Garrett Park, MD
m. Janice Mills
Robert Bruce Calvert,
m. Mary Luby
 Son: George Robert Calvert

Elizabeth Mills Calvert ,
One daughter
Catherine Van Arsdale Calvert,
m. George Miller,
Daughters: Marie and Elizabeth
George David Calvert,
m., two sons, on daughter
Carol Calvert, b. Washington DC
d. Throat infection,

George Edward Calvert, b. Evanston IL, 11/12/1928
Minister, United Church of Christ
JHS Teacher, NYC Board of Education
Exec Director, Hope Community Inc 1970-1993
    (Community-based housing organization)
Participant in Calvert DNA Study
    m.. Elizabeth Stuart, Homemaker, attorney, writer
David George Calvert,
Community Based Housing organizer
  Now in Mexico City,, Mexico
        m. Theresa A. Killbane in
Ana Kathleen Calvert-Killbane
Marie & Elizabeth C-K,
Jonathan Calvert,
Community based Housing developer
Lives in Brooklyn, NY
m. Margaret Bald, in
André McLeod Calvert
Daniel Ian Calvert,
Peter Stuart Calvert,
Art Gallery Director and Print Artist
  Now lives in Richmond, VA
m. Suzanne Fortin in Sherbrooke, Quebec
Jasmine Zoë Calvert,
James Lincoln Calvert
                                                     (Rev. James L. Brewer-Calvert) Pastor
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Decatur, GA
m. Betty Claire Brewer in NYC
Donald Henry Brewer-Calvert
Katherine Ann Brewer-Calvert
Carol Marie Calvert, b. NYC 12/17/1964
d. 4/23/1965
Eight Generations of Calverts

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