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William Calvert & Elizabeth Nodding YDNA Results Participants- Shed Light On William Calvert's Origins

Reverend George E Calvert 
Born 12 November 1928 
Died 17 July 2005 
Andes, Delaware County, New York

Rev George E Calvert was one of our early participants in the Calvert YDNA surname project. Rev George E Calvert's Find A Grave Memorial.  And Rev George E Calvert's Obituary from the New York Times.  Rev William E Calvert helped revitalize low cost housing in Harlem. You can read more Rev George E Calvert's NYT obituary HERE.  

The reason I am beginning this blog post with Rev George E Calvert is because his families oral history and paper trail led in many directions, but his YDNA led in one direction to the immigrant Robert Covert born 1691 England, and transported to Virginia.  Francis Duke of New Kent Co.,Virginia claimed head-rights for transporting Robert Covert. 

This chart shows Rev George E Calvert matching a descendant of Robert Covert and his wife Charity Gray through their son Robert Covert Jr., son Asa Covert's descendant and YDNA participant  at 25 markers.

Going by Rev George E Calvert's YDNA we know which family group to place him in, but the paper trail was more challenging.  The family traced themselves back to a William Calvert born 1754 through a son Leonard Calvert born in Baltimore, Maryland, the family thought William  Calvert born 1754 was the son of Frederick Calvert last Lord Baltimore, but Fredrick Calvert never visited the Calvert family property in Colonial America.  They traced to Leonard Calvert who married Mary Bowman. This Leonard Calvert is identified as the son of William Calvert and Elizabeth Nodding. Great Great Grandfather Leonard Calvert was born 23 May 1787 Washington County, TN., he married Mary "Polly" Bowman, 3 September 1807, and he died 1 February 1860, near Boonville, Cooper Co.,Missouri. Rev George E Calvert identifies next Leonard Calvert's son Nodding Calvert born 5 September 1819 Washington Co.,Tennessee, married three times Gabrella Skidmore, Nancy Gist Minor, and third Harriet McCarty, he died 20 October 1875, Carroll Co.,Missouri.  George E Calvert family history states Great Grandfather Nodding Calvert married Gabrella Skidmore 14 June 1846, she died 14 January 1863. Rev George E Calvert identifies next William Samuel Calvert son of Nodding Calvert and Gabrella Skidmore.  Grandfather William Samuel Calvert born 27 August 1858 Bosworth, Carroll Co.,Missouri married Martha Ann Newkirk, 8 March 1877, died 12 November 1945 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Rev George E Calvert identifies his parents Robert Peyton Calvert born 15 March 1889 Missouri, married Mary Power Siggers, 6 March 1922, Robert Peyton Calvert died 26 June 1965, Scarsdale, Westchester Co., New York.  You can follow Reverend George Edward Calvert's ancestry back HERE.

We didn't have a YDNA participant until recently with a clear paper trail back to William Calvert & Elizabeth Nodding.  Thanks to Calvert Genealogy member Jeanne Bailey Sallaska, we have a participant for Andrew J Calvert, his ancestry can be followed back to William Calvert and Elizabeth Nodding HERE. Andrew J Calvert's YDNA participant matches Asa Covert's YDNA descendant -1 at 25 markers, Rev George E Calvert -2 at 25 markers, and Robert of Robert Covert and Charity Gray at 0 at 37 markers. There are more matches to the Coverts who descend from Robert Covert born 1691 England married Charity Gray   at a -2 to -4 at 37 markers. 

How did William Calvert descend from Robert Covert born 1691 England married Charity Gray and died by 10 March 1758 Charles Co., Maryland per his estate inventory?  We have clues.  William Kalvart married Elizabeth Nodding 18 June 1780 Cabin John, Montgomery Co., Maryland. William Calvert and Elizabeth Nodding named their eldest son John Calvert born 19 October 1781 probably Washington Co., Tennessee.  William Calvert was born 26 February 1757 Maryland, died 31 May 1834 Cooper Co.,Missouri.

  William Calvert and his wife Elizabeth migrated in about 1780 with the Noddings, the Baylesses, the Browns, and other relatives to Washington County, which was at the time part of North Carolina, and then the short-lived State of Franklin, and finally Tennessee.  A William Calvert appears as a plaintiff in a Washington County court record in 1782 in a suit against James Foard [Ford].  William is listed as "heir at law of John Calvert."  No other details of the suit are given in the manuscript record, other than the names of the jurors and the amount of the judgment. If this is the subject William, then it could suggest that he was the sole surviving child of his father named John. (Robert Fillerup) Calvert Genealogy member. 

Robert Covert Sr mentioned his wife and children in his 21 November 1757, Charles Co., Maryland Will.  Wife Charity, children Jane,  Robert, John, Joseph, James, Samuel, Isabella, Christian and Violetta. You can view Robert Covert Sr's records HERE. 

Robert Covert and Charity Gray's son John Covert married Mary Muncaster and his estate was appraised 22 August 1759. It appears that William Calvert born 1757 is the only child of John Calvert and Mary Muncaster.  William Calvert's YDNA participant matches the YDNA participants of Robert Covert Sr and Charity Gray.

Where did Robert Covert born 1691 England come from? Some researchers speculate Lancashire, England.  We have this record of his transportation. 

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Wood & Armantrout Connections

I found some old correspondence with the Gray family researcher I discussed earlier, Frank E. Bradley, from 1982.
View on

Rootsweb world family tree notes: 

I found some old correspondence with the Gray family researcher I discussed earlier, Frank E. Bradley, from 1982. Robert Covert was in Westmoreland County, Virginia prior to being in Charles County in 1721; he was the Robert Covert imported there before 14 July 1718 (claim also recorded 2 Nov. 1705). Nell Nugent's book, Cavaliers & Pioneers, records the two Robert Covert claims for headrights: one at Upper Parish of Nansemond County, Virginia when transported via Francis Duke on 14 July 1718 (p. 207) and another to New Kent County on 2 Nov. 1705 via William Lacy (p. 102. To quote Mr. Bradley, "Many times the person claiming headrights claims them years after the actual transportation to the headrights (for the same headrights). This is from Ed Woodyard correspondence. Francis Duke is mentioned in A Genealogy of the Duke-Shepherd-Van Meter families. Page 267 The Dukes of Colonial Virginia Chapter. It mentions that Francis Duke was claiming headrights 231 acres in Nansemond Virginia 1718.

Volume 14, no 1, The Virginia Genealogist, Jan-Mar 1970, Washington, DC;
page ;3-5/others, National Genealogical Society Library, VA; NOTE, " The
approximate date of birth 1691-1757 is estab through two depositions he made in
Charles Co", "Robert Covert of Westmoreland Co, VA, pur 272 acres of land in
Charles Co, MD, on 12 Nov 1718 and shortly thereafter moved across the Potomac

2 of Robert Covert Sr's son's moved to Virginia. James and Samuel Covert/Calvert they resided and died in Culpeper County, Virginia. From memory Samuel Calvert left a Will in Culpeper Co.,Virginia he married ____ Norman. Mentioned in O'Gorman's Virginia Calvert's. 

 It states that Robert Covert purchased 272 acres of land in Charles County, Maryland on 12 November 1718 for 35 pounds from William Godfrey; age stated that he was approximately 27 at the time, making his birth circa 1691. With the references in the Nugent book, he was probably born in England, thus the presumption of being the son of William Covert/Cavart of Lancashire. He married Christian/Charity Gray between the two land recordings, about 1719/20.

Charles County Land Records, Liber H#2, Page 245
29 Apr 1719; Recorded at request of Robert Covent:

12 Nov 1718; Indenture from William Godfrey, carpenter, and Jannit his wife, Luke Gardiner of Prince George's County, Gent., and Anne his wife, to Robert Covent of Westmoreland County, Virginia; for £35; part of a tract called Partners Content; bounded by John Speake's land called The Reserve; laid out for 272 acres; /s/ Luke Gardiner, Willm. Godfrey; wit. Gerrard Fowke, Thomas Stone; 13 Nov 1718 ack. by Gardiner and Godfrey

In loving memory of one of our earliest Calvert Genealogy members Rev George Edward Calvert, his family and all his kin that's been identified by his participation and contribution. He's gone from us but he keeps on giving. 

The Calvert Genealogy Group Website can be found Here.  Calvert Genealogy Facebook HERE. Calvert FTDNA surname project HERE. 

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